ISPO and DIFG Want to Further Develop the Fitness Industry - Free Consultation

New Cooperation for Successful Business in the Fitness Market

The fitness industry is on the upswing. Almost all segments are growing, and new challenges await us in the healthcare market in particular. The cooperation between ISPO and the German Industrial Association for Fitness and Health (DIFG) helps fitness companies to cope with these challenges. The association offers free strategy discussions for companies.

ISPO und DIFG starten eine neue Kooperation im Fitnessbereich.
ISPO und DIFG starten eine neue Kooperation im Fitnessbereich.

Experts expect fitness studios in Germany alone to grow to almost 15 million members in the next few years. There are about 9000 fitness facilities and of course many do their workout independently in nature or at home.

The industry continues to develop in both the B2B and B2C segments. In recent years, new concepts have developed such as boutique studios, operational fitness or the renewal of highly intensive interval training HIIT.

In addition, offers from the fitness industry complement the health market. The combination of strength and endurance training has a preventive effect on diseases such as diabetes, dementia or depression. This is another reason why ISPO will cooperate with the German Industrial Association for Fitness and Health, DIFG e.V., in the future.

Free counselling interviews

At the same time, successful positioning in the fitness and healthcare market requires industry-specific know-how and network structures. The DIFG therefore offers interested companies free strategy discussions with Professor Niels Nagel. He is head of the DIFG office and has 20 years of experience in the fitness market.

The interview can take place on request at ISPO Munich 2019, at your company headquarters (against payment of travel expenses) or at the headquarters of the DIFG in Düsseldorf. Enquiries to:


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