Partycycling verint die Kultur des Clubbing mit Cycling.
Fitness // 09/07/2022

Trend Sport Party Cycling: When Sport and Clubbing Unite

Today, sport is no longer just sport, but also entertainment. And every activity must be able to serve as good content. That's why the sports industry is always thinking of something new. This time the new trend: party cycling. Perfect for good content on TikTok or Instagram. But what's behind it?

In the USA, many gyms have been offering classes in an iconic disco-light atmosphere for some time. Party Cycling, which has become known in the U.S. primarily as Soul Cycling, has been known there since 2006. Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler are considered the founders. Now the trend has also made it to German studios.

Partycycling Conquers the World

The first SoulCycle studio opened its doors in 2006 on the Upper West Side in Manhattan and continued to spread throughout Manhattan over the years. Meanwhile, the founding company has multiple studios in many states and even expanded to London.

But it doesn't stop there: by now you can find a studio offering party cycling in most major cities worldwide: like TopCycle in Madrid or Dynamo in Paris.

In These Studios You Can Enjoy Party Cycling in Germany

  1. Hicycle in Hamburg-Eppendorf
  2. Ride Berlin
  3. Becycle in Berlin and Düsseldorf
  4. What the fit in Munich
  5. BlackBike Studio in Munich
  6. Cycletic in Frankfurt am Main

And so on... The list could go on forever.

Cycling Has Long since Established Itself as a Popular Sport

Cycling or spinning has now become firmly established in many fitness studios. Under expert guidance coupled with motivation and a group experience, the sport meets the spirit of the times.

Of course, cycling today is also possible via online course or computer animation. Then you have maximum flexibility in your training and can train whenever you want. But the most effective and fun is training in a group.

In addition, with indoor cycling you are absolutely independent of the weather. Whether you train only once a week or several times a week is entirely up to you. When cycling, you mainly train the muscles of the thighs, calves and buttocks. The muscles in the torso and abdomen are also challenged, but not to the same extent as the muscles of the lower extremities.

What is Party Cycling?

Party Cycling is based on the principles of cycling. You train in an enclosed space on a specially designed bike in a group and challenge especially your cardiovascular system. This is where the mega trend in sports culture comes into being: because Party Cycling combines sport with the culture of clubbing.

The training room is illuminated with black light or bright colors, just like in a chic club, and you can listen to groovy beats while biking. This is where cardio training meets clubbing. In addition, there are the motivating announcements of an expert trainer, who manages to get even the last bit of strength out of you.

Participants like to talk about how party cycling feels like you're dancing on a bike and you literally manage to pedal yourself into ecstasy. In addition to the special bike, dumbbells in the one to three kilogram weight range are standard equipment for party biking. This ensures that your shoulders, arms and hands also have something to do and are trained. Just the perfect total body workout.

How Is It Different from Spinning?

Of course, a basic difference from spinning is the colorful party lights and music. But the workout itself also differs from spinning. By using the short dumbbells, you consciously train your upper body and arms as well. This makes party cycling an intensive full-body workout that will make you sweat. You can burn up to 800 calories in three quarters of an hour of training.

What Parts of the Body Does Party Cycling Train?

Party Cycling is designed as an intensive interval training and therefore belongs to cardio training. This means that it primarily improves the performance of the cardiovascular system and your own endurance. Phases of exertion alternate with recovery phases in which you only pedal slowly. This is a particularly effective workout for your cardiovascular system.

In party cycling, the bike is not the only training tool. The trainers also use dumbbells and push-ups. This ensures that the muscles of the upper body and the arms are also trained.

In addition, it is a workout that is particularly easy on the joints. Therefore, it is ideal for people who suffer from knee problems.

What Are the Advantages of Party Cycling?

Party cycling is a perfect workout for the whole body. This is because it involves not only the muscles of the lower extremities and torso, but also the arms.

After an intense hour of Party Cycling, you don't need another workout, just a hot shower. The second great effect is that party cycling also has a positive effect on the psyche. During the workout you forget everything around you and in the best case you are completely absorbed in the movement and the fun.

Afterwards you feel relaxed and exhausted at the same time and leave the studio with a smile on your face. It is the ideal workout after a demanding and stressful day at work, because you can simply switch off and leave everyday life behind you.

Since you drink water instead of alcohol during the workout, this is additionally beneficial for your health and yet you get to enjoy the club feeling.

Who is Party Cycling for?

Party cycling is suitable for all people who are active in sports and would like to try something new.

The training is aimed at both beginners and advanced bikers. Because each biker can adjust the intensity for themselves. Although all participants pedal evenly to the beat of the music, which provides a special feeling of group dynamics.

But how your personal resistance is set is only visible to you and not important to anyone else. So everyone can train the way it is optimal for him or her.

Of course, you don't have to ride standing up the whole time and get the maximum out of it. It is always possible to sit on the saddle and pedal leisurely until you have gathered strength for the next power lap.

Which Studios Offer Party Cycling?

Party cycling is still more of a niche offering in Germany. While spinning can now be found in many places, there are only a few studios that offer party cycling.

Hicycle in Hamburg-Eppendorf

One of them is Hicycle in Hamburg-Eppendorf. Anyone who wants to can book their bike and lesson on the online platform and train. A membership is not necessary.

For all those interested who do not live in Hamburg, Hicycle offers the possibility to purchase a suitable bike via its own online store and to participate in the online courses.

Ride Berlin

Ride Berlin currently has studios in Charlottenburg, Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg. There, you can spend 50 minutes on your bike, burn calories to great music and get your body in shape. The rides can be booked online.

Becycle in Berlin and Düsseldorf

Becycle maintains various studios in Berlin-Mitte, Berlin-Kreuzberg and in Düsseldorf. The different courses have a length between 30 and 60 minutes. For lovers of hiphop music there are even special hiphop courses.

What the fit in Munich

At Munich's What the fit studio, you'll ride for 45 or 50 minutes to crisp beats while working out your whole body. The courses can be booked online.

BlackBike in Munich

The BlackBike Studio in Munich is also fully committed to party cycling and therefore offers various courses.

Cycletic in Frankfurt am Main

Cycletic combines the two words Cycling and Athletic and combines Party Cycling with the latest sports and training science findings. This makes Party Cycling particularly effective.

Supercycle in Vienna

In the Austrian capital Vienna, you can pedal your spinning bike to disco lights and motivating beats in a total of four different Supercycle studios. The 45-minute classes combine HIIT with elements of dance and yoga for the ultimate club feeling and maximum effectiveness.

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