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Crazy Fitness Trends That Will Make You Outgrow Yourself

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Social media fitness inspiration, digital group training, and reinterpreted workout classics - the sports world is constantly changing and, above all, inventive! We show you eight unusual fitness trends with a high fun factor that bring new momentum into your sports routine.

Social media fitness inspiration, digital group training, and reinterpreted workout classics - the sports world is constantly changing and, above all, inventive! We show you seven unusual fitness trends with a high fun factor that bring new momentum into your sports routine.



Attention runners. Have you ever heard of Hyrox? Because now is the time to try out the trend. Hyrox is a trend sport that combines functional training with running. A competition consists of eight different running intervals over a distance of one kilometer each. Between the running intervals, participants complete eight different fitness exercises, such as 1,000 meters on a ski ergometer, which simulates the movements of cross-country skiing, or 1,000 meters on a rowing machine. 

Even for experienced runners, Hyrox is considered an athletic challenge. During the competition, participants are challenged both physically and mentally. You have to learn how to manage your strength and push yourself beyond your limits.

Hyrox is a sport for everyone, even if it doesn't look like it at first. But the atmosphere at the races is fantastic. And it makes you want to sign up for the next event. The spectators push you so hard that everyone reaches the finish line. It doesn't matter whether the time is less than an hour or three hours - everyone goes home a winner. Fancy a new challenge? Then give Hyrox a chance now!


Partycycling with HICYCLE & Co.

Cycling is more popular than ever - whether on the road bike, gravel bike or the workout at home with Peloton & Co, the possibilities to pedal are endless. Probably the most fun fitness trend in this area is so-called party cycling: shaking a leg on the bike while pedaling. The spinning workout includes not only sweaty dance moves on the bike, but also strength exercises such as push-ups and dumbbell training. Party cycling courses are booming all over the world: In Hamburg or Berlin, you can dance your heart out to thick beats and disco lights on your bike at Hicycle or Becycle.


Get fit with Animal Moves

As strong as a gorilla, as flexible as a snake and as coordinated as a scorpion - Animal Moves are the animal fitness trend where you can literally let your hair down. The bodyweight exercises are inspired by movements from the animal world and strengthen muscles, coordination and flexibility. The workout is super challenging and effective thanks to brisk changes and unusual stretches, and best of all, you don't need any tools for Animal Moves circuit training.


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Jogging has been part of your sports routine for years and is actually too boring for you? Sure, you can jump on the trail running hype. But have you ever heard of jogging? Jogging and juggling at the same time requires a high degree of concentration and coordination, and not only boosts your fitness factor, but also your fun factor. This crazy trend sport already has many followers - in the States, the scene meets every year for the Joggling World Championships and there are even Joggling Triathlon Festivals!


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The TikTok Trend 12-3-30

Fitspiration from the social networks, or rather from actress Lauren Garlando: Her 12-3-30 workout has received tens of millions of clicks and is being emulated around the globe. Girlando first introduced the half-hour workout with a YouTube video of her exercising for 30 minutes at a 12% incline and 3 miles per hour, the equivalent of just under 5 mph, proclaiming that she had lost nearly 13 kilos in two years this way. The video went viral on TikTok and is being emulated by fitness fans around the globe.


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Virtual Training with Physical eSports

Social networks and gadgets are revolutionizing the fitness world: connecting with other sports fans in digital parallel worlds to train together is no longer a dream of the future. Whether it's jogging with apps like Strava, training with artificial intelligence, cycling with Peloton, or working out at home with devices like Vaha - the digital community pushes each other and you can draw a lot of new motivation from it. Especially the so-called physical eSportsgamified VR workouts are booming, promising a host of new fitness experiences in digital worlds.


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High up with Acro Yoga

Hardly any trend sport is as multifaceted as yoga. You can choose between meditative Yin Yoga sessions and challenging Ashtanga, sweat in the sauna with Bikram Yoga or improve your coordination with Katonah exercises. The latest hype in this cosmos is acro yoga, derived from the word acrobatics. Because this form of yoga is always practiced at least in pairs, you train not only your body - which can only hold the poses under complete control and holistic tension - but also the trust and bond in your yoga partner. A mental kick that makes you super fit!


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Female Empowerment with Piloxing

As its name suggests, the power workoutcombines several forms of exercise: Piloxing classes include Pilates exercises and boxing moves, but also stretching exercises, quick dance steps and meditation exercises. The fitness trend comes from Los Angeles, where professional dancer Viveca Jensen founded the first Piloxing Academy back in 2010. There are now Piloxing classes in gyms all over the world: the crossover workouts are aimed primarily at women and not only strengthen the muscles, but also mentally, and are intended to improve self-confidence and body awareness.


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