Tabata - 10 Reasons for Hiit Training at the Limit

LISTICLE | 08/19/2021
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Tabata is considered a new school of fitness training. Training is done with little time, but at the highest intensity. Extreme stress for the body and regeneration alternate, to the chagrin of the otherwise so stubborn fat pads. Ten reasons for the 4-minute Tabata workout.

10 Reasons for Tabata HIIT Training

  1. Tabata HIIT is effective
  2. Tabata works even after the workout
  3. Tabata is versatile
  4. You can train professionally according to plan
  5. Tabata increases the effectiveness with music
  6. Tabata HIIT is good for beginners
  7. Tabata sport makes you happy

What is Tabata Sport?

Tabata is a high-intensity training (HIIT) that requires you to invest little time each day to work on your figure and achieve a defined body and good fitness.


Tabata Is Pure Effectiveness

No, a lack of time is no longer considered a justification for a lack of fitness workouts.

With High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Tabata, four minutes a day is enough to get you on the road to your dream figure. Otherwise, not even the breakfast egg will cook in this time. If you're skeptical, you can take a look at this Japanese study, for example.


Tabata Works Even after the Workout

The short but intense stress on the muscles causes the so-called glycogen stores in the muscle cells to be emptied. The blood sugar level drops.

At the same time, the body's metabolism is sustainably stimulated by the extreme load. This means that combustion is still running at higher speeds for hours afterwards, which significantly increases the effect of losing weight.


Tabata Is Diversity

Endurance sports always carry the risk of a certain uniformity. If you're on the treadmill for an hour, you'll need to re-motivate yourself so you don't drop out of the workout, or even don't start the next time.

Tabata is not only of short duration, but also extremely varied. Exercises change after just 20 seconds, and there's plenty to choose from. Burpees, squats, push-ups - the list could go on for a long time.


Professional Training According to Plan

While Tabata is still one of the relatively young trends in the fitness scene, the HIIT workout has been used by sports professionals for a long time.

The corresponding training plans must be individually adapted, but they already exist. Well-founded experience can therefore be drawn upon.


Increase Effectiveness with Music

The fact that music has a positive effect on athletic performance is no longer a secret for many fitness athletes. It has now been proven that certain rhythms have a performance-enhancing effect, as does the training accompaniment of one's favorite songs.

This reinforcing effect also plays a role in Tabata. So not only the timer, for example "Tabata Timer for HIIT" is used, but also a music app to accompany the Tabata workout.


No Barriers to Entry for Tabata

Due to the punctual extreme load, Tabata requires a certain level of fitness. If you have problems with your circulation, you should avoid the zero-to-100 load.

However, if you are fit enough, you can start at any time and in any place. Apart from the timer, no technical aids are needed, because the program can be designed entirely with bodyweight or HIIT exercises.


Tabata Makes Happy

The success of Tabata depends on the fitness athlete actually pushing himself to his performance limits. Doing strength training at half capacity, on the other hand, would be wasting time.

It is precisely this testing of one's own capabilities that leads to an increased release of endorphins, i.e. feelings of happiness. Caution: Be warned of a certain addictive potential.


Tabata Connects the Worlds

Even though Tabata is initially understood as strength training, it is also to be understood as endurance training.

Although the exercise time itself is shortened by the high-intensity intervals, performance in the endurance area nevertheless increases. Even marathon runners include Tabata units in their training plans to strengthen strength and endurance.


Tabata Also Leads to Healthy Eating

Tabata is considered an effective way to burn fat. So it is not surprising that many athletes associate it with the desire to lose weight. However, losing weight is always associated with sports and a healthy diet.

So Tabata automatically brings the nutrition plan into focus, which is good for your health. Only those who consciously deal with nutrition will ultimately be able to permanently maintain their dream figure.

Lyocell is now used in many collections, like this one from yoga brand Mandala.
Tabata not only increases physical fitness, but improves holistic health.

Tabata Leads to Like-Minded People

Tabata is in vogue and is therefore one of the most hotly discussed topics in the fitness scene. Anyone who wants to share their experiences, has questions or simply wants to see the optimal execution of the exercises has plenty of opportunity to do so on the web.

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