Triathlete Jan Frodeno "Is Present, Likes Experimenting and Testing Intensely"

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In mid-October Jan Frodeno won the Ironman in Hawaii for the third time, and since then the phone has also been on for the Cologne-based start-up Ryzon. The reason: The triathlete is equipped by the specialists for high-tech congratulated Ryzon and asked what has happened since Frodeno won. The Ryzon Greens also told how much input Frodeno gives in terms of material optimization.

Jan Frodeno on his way to the third Ironman victory in Hawaii
Jan Frodeno on his way to the third Ironman victory in Hawaii

Mario Konrad founded Ryzon GmbH together with his brother Markus and designer Fabian Jung in 2016. The high-tech clothing forge has specialized in the areas of cycling, running and triathlon. And the three of them are doing so well that they not only convinced the jury at ISPO Brandnew, but also triathlon dominator Jan Frodeno performed his Hawaii hat trick in a Ryzon racing suit. What has changed since Jan Frodeno won the Ironman in Hawaii two weeks ago in a Ryzon high-tech race suit?
Mario Konrad: The perception in the public is already great straight: particularly also from the non-triathlon area, as we notice! In addition to our special articles for triathlon, bike and running, we also offer many high-quality leisure products, which we also produce to a large extent in the EU. Just like Jan's suit. This will now be known to a wider public, which is of course really ingenious for us.

Triathlete Frodeno Likes to Experiment

Ryzon is a start-up company from Cologne and has already attracted attention as a "finalist" at the ISPO Brandnew Award 2019. What has participation brought you?
The ISPO Brandnew Award has had a very positive effect. The award was a great distinction and led to a lot of trust with customers and partners. This has also had a positive effect on PR.

And how much Jan Frodeno is in the racing suits of Ryzon?
Jan is simply very present and available. Not only in the articles that directly and directly concern him, like the Graphen Race Suit for the Ironman in Hawaii. He is very open and experiments a lot with us here. We also had the opportunity to test and optimize the suit in the wind tunnel and under extreme heat conditions. Jan is simply a great help here, above all because he is very open and always ready to question the status quo.

This also applies to all other articles. For example, he tested our Signature Bike Set, which is made almost entirely of recycled materials, the one with the most training hours from us, the most intensively. Our customers really benefit directly from Jan's experience and feedback.

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