New Executive Team at Elan

Ski and snowboard manufacturer Elan has announced its new executive team after its change in ownership last summer.

Elan changed ownership in summer 2015
Elan changed ownership in summer 2015

The Slovenian company, which was bought up by Wiltan Enterprises and Merrill Lynch International in 2015, presented Jeffrey Tirman as its new Chief Executive Director. Tirman previously worked at Rhodium Capital Management, which he led as co-founder in the position of CEO.

Skilled personnel from Nike and Adidas

Michaela Stitz, previously Vice President and General Director for Central and Eastern Europe at Nike, will take on the position of Chairwoman and Non-Executive Director. The advisory board will be Pascal Aymara, former Vice President of Marketing for Adidas and Reebok for the Asia-Pacific region.

The destination of the former leadership duo of Leon Korošec and Andreja Košir still has yet to be decided.

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