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ISPO Textrends platform is now well established for 10 years. Stop wasting time searching for innovative materials. With ISPO Textrends, you can discover the most cutting-edge garments, accessories, fabrics, fibers, and components for the sports and outdoor industries, all in one place. Elevate your products and designs to the next level.

ISPO Textrends

The award is handed out twice a year and honors trends in the textile and apparel sectors, set by experts two years in advance. Participants can submit their most innovative apparel or textile products for evaluation by an international panel of experts. The winners are presented at ISPO Munich and the OutDoor by ISPO Textrends exhibition.

Apply with Ease

The application process has been kept very simple. Complete the online application form, upload all certificates or laboratory tests, and send us two product samples sized 50 x 50 cm or two sets of accessories/trims/insulations.

Road to ISPO Textrends 2024

  • SEPTEMBER 25, 2024

    Application Deadline

  • OCTOBER 14-17, 2024

    Jury Meeting

  • DECEMBER 3–5, 2024

    ISPO Munich

Trend Brochure

ISPO Textrends brochure is a comprehensive guide that contains the latest information about ISPO Textrends, mega and seasonal trends, and the core colors of the season. It provides in-depth knowledge of new garments and textiles. Download our brochure to gain new industry insights.

Latest Trendbook

The trendbook is a working tool for product managers and designers, available in both digital and print form. It provides insights into upcoming trends, the selection process, and winning products in categories such as finished goods, accessories, fibers, and fabrics. All in all, this book provides essential basic knowledge for product creation. Order the print version and get the digital version for free.

Last Season’s Winners

Discover the winners of the Spring/Summer trend season. ISPO Textrends jury has awarded the most innovative products in the textile and apparel categories. In each category, the best product, the top ten or top five products, as well as additional selection products were chosen.

„SHEICO Group is a long participant in ISPO Textrends and this platform has been our go-to to showcase our newest innovations. Its awards have proven that we are not only a wetsuit manufacturer but also a fabric manufacturer who can innovate performance knits that meet the expectations and qualifications of the experts and community.“
Jim Shiue, Director – Performance Knits and Sportswear SHEICO Group(Shei Chung Hsin Ind.) Co.,Ltd.
„This platform enables us to showcase our latest products and articulate the product design concepts more clearly. Evaluating our innovation from a macro perspective and gaining the favor of the judges is our primary goal. We have seen an increase in our inquiry rates and have acquired new customers.“
O'neal Wu, Director of R&D Everest Textile Co. Ltd.
„Our participation in ISPO Textrends gives our company increased visibility at an exhibition that is the centre of Sports in Europe. It allows a focus on the Innovation we showcase, which becomes positively visible to sports brands. The recognition of our products by a highly knowledgeable and independent jury allows for a very interesting (e)valuation of our products.“
Miguel Mendes, Sales & Innovation A. Sampaio & Filhos - Têxteis, S.A.
„Participating in ISPO Textrends provides our company with great opportunity to showcase ourselves among textile companies around the world and expand our company's visibility. At the same time, learn about the latest product information of other companies, and provide some help for the company's product development direction.
Eunice Sun, R&D specialist Zhejiang Xinao Textiles INC.
„Participating in ISPO Textrends has been incredibly beneficial for TH Global. Over the past decade, it has not only enhanced our industry recognition, credibility, and market insights but has also been a driving force behind our commitment to innovation. The event's networking opportunities and valuable product feedback have propelled us to continually innovate and stay at the forefront of our industry.“
Patrick Wong, Chief Executive Officer TH Global
„In our view, ISPO Textrends stands as the premier platform for sport and outdoor textile trends. This platform offers a valuable opportunity to showcase new technologies and products, facilitating connections with brands interested in these innovations. Our participation in ISPO Textrends not only broadens our client base but also attracts brands perfectly aligned with our product offerings, significantly contributing to our business growth.“
Penny Liu, Senior designer Chia Her Industrial Co., Ltd.
„At ISPO Textrends, all the winning products will be displayed in a special booth, where all the visitors can get close to the selected products. It must also attract the attention of the most direct target customers of the selected products to obtain more cooperation opportunities and ISPO Textrends helps us to better understand the changes brought about by future fabrics.“
Du GuoHai, R&D Director Fujian Suntion Textile Technology Co.,Ldt
„Participating in ISPO Textrends benefits our company by increasing visibility, providing industry recognition, facilitating networking, and offering valuable market insights. This increased visibility has allowed us to reach a wider audience and attract potential customers worldwide.“
Jenny Jiang, VP - Marketing & Sales JML
„ISPO Textrends program gives us greater visibility at one of our most important trade shows.  It helps us highlight new products and showcase technical improvements that we believe are important.“
Jose Fernandez, CEO Global Merino
„Participating in ISPO Textrends has greatly benefited our company in numerous ways. It has provided unparalleled exposure and recognition within the sports and fashion industries, offering a platform to showcase our innovative materials and products to a global audience of industry professionals. This has helped us to stay at the forefront of market trends, leading to increased business opportunities and a deeper understanding of consumer demands.“
Ellie Hou, Project coordinator Far Eastern New Century Corporation
„Participation in ISPO Textrends has provided Südwolle Group with a platform to showcase its commitment to innovation and sustainability. Winning ISPO Textrends awards such as 'Best Product' for the Merino TENCEL™ Lyocell blend Sumner Nm 80/1 yarn and others has bolstered the company's reputation as a leader in producing high-quality wool yarns. It has also allowed for greater visibility in the sports and outdoor industries, as evidenced by the recognition of their innovative OTW® yarn spinning technology.“
Marketing Specialist, Lukas Vogl Südwolle Group GmbH
„ISPO is a renowned outdoor/sports exhibition and, participating in ISPO Textrends has been greatly beneficial for our company. Showcasing new development products allows us to promote the company to all attendees visiting the exhibition, and based on this, we can also arrange meetings at the exhibition booth.“
Ian Ahn, Sales Manager Bristex
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