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Awardees Textile Edition Fall/Winter


Product Name: AURORA illuminated by SCS

Product Details
AURORA was born out of a wish to illuminate the world full of dark news. The colors change beneath and above water. Experience freedom with flexible SCS coating technology. Wear AURORA and be a part of the beautiful world. AURORA offers multi-functions such as abrasion-resistance, chlorine and salt-water-resistance, UV-resistance, quick-dry, thermal-insulation, flexibility, etc. The backside is lined with Greenwave, plant-based Polyamide fabric, which reduces dependence on petroleum while offering top-notch performance such as flexibility and comfort. This material is made using 100% renewable energy.

AURORA illuminated by SCS by Yamamoto Corporation

Yamamoto Corporation

Trendbook Fall/Winter 2025/26

The trendbook is a working tool for product managers and designers, available in both digital and print form. It provides insights into upcoming trends, the selection process, and winning products in categories such as finished goods, accessories, fibers, and fabrics. All in all, this book provides essential basic knowledge for product creation.