Multifunctional clothing has long ago conquered our everyday life

“Sports Fashion goes Urban” at ISPO Munich 2018 with Caroline Kynast

“Sports Fashion goes Urban”: At ISPO Munich this claim is lived up to, in every corner. So it comes as no surprise that the fashion and lifestyle blogger Caroline Kynast could pick out all sorts of highlights in the ISPO halls.

Multifunctional clothing has long ago conquered our everyday life, thinks Kynast: “We all know the problem: We are looking for a functional jacket, that also looks really good. And I have found exactly that here at ISPO, namely at Templa. They consist of one hundred percent down, are one hundred percent waterproof, which is to say, I can go to have a coffee with my friend as normal but can also look great on the slopes.”

Fashion-conscious into outdoor adventurers

Also, this year, Templa won an ISPO Brandnew Award in the Apparel category. The outdoor performance clothing combines contemporary esthetics with technical innovations for fashion-conscious outdoor adventurers. Every article of clothing calls into question the conventional limits of clothing production and was meticulously developed with an uncompromising level of detail and minimalist avant-garde sensitivity.

Caroline Kynast made a further stop at Houdini: “Here I have found something wonderful for everyone who likes to cycle to work, namely a business helmet made from one hundred percent natural fibers, so that you don’t arrive at work covered in sweat. And it is also one hundred percent recyclable.”

Functionality and style in one

Also at the GORE-TEX stand the blogger made some finds: cool leather shoes with a membrane, so that you always have warm feet, even when the weather is cold. And another tip on the topic of shoes: “There are hardly any functional sneakers, but at Dachstein I have found some that combine Urban and Outdoor in one product and along with this also look really stylish.” And after all, that’s the way it should be, when the statement is “Sports Fashion goes Urban”.

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