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Rose Marcario, long-time Patagonia boss, resigns
As of June 12, 2020, Rose Marcario is relinquishing her office as President and CEO of the US outdoor manufacturer Patagonia. Marcario was instrumental in positioning the Patagonia brand today as a pioneer in the areas of sustainability and social commitment and led Patagonia through the most successful period in the company's history.

ISPO Textrends
Waste not, want not - the reusable stand made of recycled materials at Ashford - The Fabric Workshop Photo credit
ISPO Munich 2020 confirmed that the message on responsibility and sustainability has been heard, implemented and heralded, as brands and collections throughout the show embraced the cause. At the starting point of the supply chain the S-Word is becoming a permanent fact and not just a feature.

Tim Janaway has been active in the sports industry for over 20 years, since October 2016 as head of Adidas Outdoor.
Urban outdoor products are trendy. The freshly launched MyShelter jacket line from Adidas Outdoor also attracted a lot of attention in both markets. spoke to Tim Janaway, General Manager Adidas Outdoor, about Urban Outdoor and trends and challenges in the outdoor market.