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FIR (far infrared rays) fabrics have become increasingly popular, due to the wellbeing they deliver to the wearer. Developed as energizing the wearer, the concept of FIR yarns and finishes in fabrics, is that heat leaving your body is reflected back from the FIR fabric, reenergizing and increasing circulation and giving an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Anti-odor is one of the top functions being sought after in the sports and activewear market, as consumers looks to a longer and fresher feel. For the sports sector it is crucial, with synthetics essential for high level, lightweight performance, but they are also big perpetrators of long lasting smell after one wear.

Two leading brands, one from the textile world, ISKO, and one from the apparel world, O’Neill have joined forces in creating the world’s first denim board short. Part of the O’Neill Hybrid range, this new innovative swimwear concept bridges the gap between land and sea.

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Bogner Store
The Munich-based sports fashion company is not getting any peace of mind. Now two board members are leaving. Following the change of CEO and changes in the Supervisory Board, these are the next highest level appointments within less than half a year.