Messe München Magazine provides insights into the megatrend Sport 4.0

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Hardly any other social phenomenon has developed as strongly as sport - and shaped our modern world with its developments. Messe München's latest magazine deals with the latest development - the megatrend Sport 4.0: „Sport is more than just a leisure activity. It is a yardstick for social change,“ it says.

Messe München Magazin mit neuer Ausgabe zum Sport 4.0
Messe München Magazine provides insights into the megatrend Sport 4.0

From the development of the first mountain bikes in the 1980s to the use of virtual reality in today's digital world. The article on the digital transformation of sport sheds light on digitalization in all its facets.

Fitnessbranche, Elektromobilität und E-Commerce

The latest magazine deals, among other things, with wearables: digital gadgets designed to help athletes achieve new top performances. What does their future look like, which are the top companies in the wearable market?

Alles zu Wearables im Messe München Magazin
All about wearables in the new edition
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Messe München

In the fitness industry, "staying fit" alone is no longer enough. "Increased performance is the goal", the Messe München Magazine describes the trend in its article on Sport 4.0.

The magazine also provides insights into topics such as e-skateboards, electric mobility and e-commerce.