Better All Mountain Range and new ski boot technology

Blizzard and Tecnica Present New Technologies

Blizzard has polished its All Mountain collection for next winter: A novel, extremely complex wood core achieves a balanced riding experience for all mountain conditions. Tecnica presents a new technology for the Mach1 MV models with medium volume. Higher control, more comfort and less weight are the result.

Actionshot Skifahrer Blizzard und Tecnica

New from the core: The All Mountain Collection by Blizzard

Blizzard has grabbed its successful All Mountain line literally at the core and completely rebuilt it: The TrueBlend Woodcore technology enables natural and dynamic flexing. This means more relaxed handling, balanced dynamics and precise control for skiers. The basis for this is a complex woodcore structure.

Wood offers many design possibilities in ski construction and is used as core in every high-quality ski. After having perfected ski construction in recent years with layers of different materials pressed together, the Blizzard product developers are now taking care of the design of the wood core itself - by using new production and manufacturing techniques and creating an unprecedented complexity. Using different types of wood makes it possible to modify the characteristics of the ski right at the core. For example, a ski should be stiffer in the area under the binding and softer towards the ski tips. This is why Blizzard builds the wood core with very small pieces of lengthwise glued wood. In the area of the binding, layers of harder wood are incorporated and softer, lighter wood is used towards the tip and tail. This elaborate construction gives the core different areas of stiffness with precisely adjusted flex properties, which creates a more harmonious ride.

Blizzard’s new Brahma 88

Versatility is what distinguishes a good all-mountain ski and is also key for Blizzard’s Brahma 88. With its new wood core, the ski impresses with excellent edge grip and the necessary stability to make sporty turns on hard slopes in the morning. In softer or more challenging conditions, the well-balanced flex and rocker, which Blizzard has shortened at the tip and tail, still guarantee skiing pleasure and control. Likewise, with an optimized shape and sidecut, off-piste excursions are also possible.

At the heart of the Brahma 88 is the new TrueBlend Woodcore technology. The different areas of the ski are given precisely balanced flex characteristics using different woods in construction. Combined with the high-quality Carbon Flipcore construction with two layers of Titanal right over the edge, the ski also has the necessary aggressiveness delivering grip and stability.

Blizzard TrueBlend Woodcore

High performance for the feet - Tecnica's new T-Drive technology

Whether short, medium or long turn, optimum power transmission and fast moves from edge to edge are particularly important for all skiers. The decisive factor is the connection between foot and ski - the ski boot. Tecnica has incorporated a new innovative technology in its high-end piste ski boots for 2020: All Mach1 MV models with medium volume are now equipped with T-Drive technology. This technology is a game changer for piste skiers. Compared to the previous model, it combines even more stability and control with maximum comfort.

The Tecnica Mach 1 MV 130 TD ski boot stands for highest performance on the slopes. Especially sporty skiers will find the perfect combination of power transmission, precision and comfort in this boot. The new T-Drive technology, a dynamic carbon plate on the back, connects the shaft of the boot with the lower part of the shell and thus extends leverage. This allows the ski to get from one edge to the other even faster with more precision and efficiency. The reinforced connection between shell and shaft increases the stability of the ski boot and allows Tecnica to easily adjust the hardness of the material without compromising performance or power transmission. As a result, flex and fit remain constant regardless the temperature. In addition, the boot fits more comfortably and is easier to put on and take off. The Mid Volume model for a normal foot width has a last of 100 mm. With the C.A.S. system from Tecnica, the shell and inner shoe can also be completely adjusted. For a 360 degree boot fit, a tongue made of C.A.S. material is also available.

Tecnica Mach1 Skischuh
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