Retail and Covid-19

ISPO Survey to Support Sports Retail in the Corona Crisis

How is the sports industry dealing with the Corona crisis? What is the situation of retailers - and where can possible support be provided? In order to get an adequate picture of the status quo and thus work on suitable solutions, ISPO asks for the valuable input of retail players in a brand new survey.

Via Tablet konnten die Jury-Mitglieder die eingereichten Produkte bewerten.
Participate now in the ISPO survey and support the retail trade.

The corona crisis is not only affecting our daily living, but is also an unprecedented stress test for the global economy.

The sports and outdoor retail is significantly affected by the necessary security measures. As a long-time platform and partner of the sporting goods sector, ISPO aims to support our industry in these challenging times. For this reason, we are developing digital alternatives and tools to support the sports business as much as possible during this pandemic.

In order to better understand the current situation, to develop suitable solutions and to provide the entire industry with a representative overview of the state of affairs, ISPO together with retail expert Hans Overduin has developed a questionnaire to get an overview on the status quo of retail.

ISPO asks all players in the sports business to provide valuable information and to pass on the survey to their respective retail networks. There is also a German version of the questionnaire.

Every participation can help the industry to better understand and deal with these challenging times.

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation, transparency and help! #sportstays

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