This is how EOG has decided on the future location of OutDoor

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Where will the European outdoor trade fair OutDoor take place in the coming years? Finally Munich made the race. Before the election Mark Held, Secretary General of the organizer EOG, explained the process on ISPO.com.

Mark Held is General Secretary of the European Outdoor Group.
Mark Held is General Secretary of the European Outdoor Group.

The European Outdoor Group (EOG) is positioning itself for the future with the Vision 2020 project. The location of the European outdoor trade fair OutDoor, owned by EOG, was also on display.

Within the framework of Vision 2020, EOG has invited other trade fair organisers to apply for the future running of the fair. Five venues were selected: Messe Friedrichshafen, Messe München, Messe Hamburg, Fiera Milano und Messe Stuttgart. In addition to Messe Friedrichshafen, Messe München and Messe Hamburg were in the final stage of the selection process. The EOG-members finally voted for Munich.

In an interview with ISPO.com, EOG Secretary General Mark Held explained who decides how and when to choose the future location of OutDoor.   

Extensive research programme for the new format

ISPO.com: The European Outdoor Group has issued a new invitation to tender for the organisation of the outdoor trade fair. Applicants are Messe Friedrichshafen, Messe Hamburg and Messe München. Mr. Held, how is the awarding process, and until when does who vote?
Mark Held: The invitation to tender for the outdoor trade fair is the result of an extensive research programme that set out to substantiate the real, as opposed to the perceived need to the fair. It’s taken around two years to complete and is one of the widest consultations that has taken place in the European sector, with literally hundreds of stakeholders involved.

The results show that there is a very real need for an outdoor fair, but specifically a fair that is capable of adapting to take into account the rapid changes in the supply chain, routes to market and technology that are all influencing our sector. We invited five venues to participate and all were selected as being capable of delivering the vision for the fair that we have outlined in the brief.

After the initial submissions came in, we commissioned an independent team of expert consultants to evaluate the proposals and as a result of this evaluation, the three you mention were selected to progress to the final stage.

Presentations will be filmed

When and how will the decision be announced by EOG?
The final three have been invited to present their plans to the members of the EOG at our Annual Assembly which takes place the day before ISPO Munich begins.

These presentations will be filmed and these films, along with the original drafts, will be placed on the secure site of the Electoral Reform Services who we have appointed to ensure that the decision making process is overseen by a competent organisation with a track record of handling major electoral challenges.

The membership of the EOG will have approximately one week after the show to discuss the proposals with their teams and then to vote accordingly.

If the results show that one proposal has overwhelming support (more than 50% of the vote) then the decision is made. If there is no overall majority, then the proposal with the least support will be eliminated and there will be a second round of voting for the remaining two.

We expect the decision to be clear within a couple of weeks of ISPO Munich finishing and once we have informed our partners, we will put out an open press release.

First show with new format in 2019

When will there be a possible move and what measures would have to be taken in case of a move?
The first show with the new format will take place in 2019 and we will work with the entire sector to ensure that everyone is informed and aware of the exciting opportunities for increasing business that the new platform will offer.

One of the aspects of our sector that differentiates us from others, is our ability to work collectively and to remain united.  The new platform that we have been working on will be the perfect basis for this to continue long into the future