Reasons for Stimulation Current Training - In Top Form with Ems Training

LISTICLE | 02/28/2021
Workout with EMS
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Muscle building from the socket? So or so it is promised at least by some providers. But what are the real benefits of electrical stimulation training? Ten reasons for EMS training, a completely new form of workout.

Are treadmills, weight benches and the like soon to be consigned to the scrap heap? Electrostimulation training (EMS) is the name of the new workout variant with which our body can be trained holistically and highly efficiently. Although EMS strength training does not work completely without movement, the training sessions are much more effective and therefore shorter thanks to the blood circulation-promoting electric shocks. Even if EMS does not live up to the idea of the dream body at the push of a button, the electro workout in combination with conventional endurance or strength training is still an interesting training method. Ten reasons that speak after the medical consultation - especially with health problems - for the EMS.



Ems Training Is Easy on the Joints

Especially people with previous damage to the passive musculoskeletal system often have problems with ligaments and joints during conventional endurance and strength training. In addition, strength training, especially with more intense loads with heavy weights, brings wear and tear even for healthy athletes. With EMS training you can train effectively without weights, the passive structures are additionally stabilized by the constant stimulation of all muscle groups.


Low Strain on the Heart and Circulation during Ems Training

Even at low intensities, high blood pressure values and a significant increase in heart rate are often measurable in conventional strength training. Especially for people with heart disease, this can have negative consequences for health. With EMS training, the strain on the cardiovascular system is lower and therefore represents an excellent alternative for athletes with limitations. However, the correct setting and monitoring of the EMS training is imperative to exclude overloads and excessive CK values.


Ems Training Is Short and Effective

Time is money: Few professionals find the time to regularly visit a gym in addition to work, everyday life and family. Packing a bag, getting there and training can easily take two hours. If you still want to do something for your fitness and health, you can get away much faster with EMS - a training session lasts around 20 minutes, which can far surpass a conventional one-hour workout in terms of effectiveness.


Exercises Functional and Quick to Learn

Plug in, ready, relax - no way: EMS strength training also involves sweating. Parallel to the low-frequency power surges, various exercises are completed, preferably from the field of bodyweight training. The advantage: The exercises are not only quick to learn, they are also highly functional and can therefore be transferred to our everyday stresses.


Ems Training Relieves Tension and Blockages

Another great advantage of stimulation current training: Due to the blood circulation and activation of all muscles, stubborn tensions can be released and blockages removed. Also after herniated discs, strength training is ideally suited to maintain the muscular structures when active training is not yet possible.

Schmerzen im Nacken beim Sport entstehen in den meisten Fällen durch Verkrampfungen und Verspannungen der Muskulatur
EMS training can prevent tension.

All Muscle Fibre Types Are Addressed

With regard to hypertrophy, i.e. muscle building, EMS strength training has a decisive advantage over the classic workout in the gym. While weight training initially activates only the so-called slow twitch muscle fibers and only with intensive load with high weights the fast twitch fibers are added, the stimulation current training from the beginning of an equal load of both fibers takes place. Since the fast fibres are of particular importance in muscle building, EMS has a clear advantage here.


Entire Body Musculature Is Activated Synchronously

Another advantage is the synchronous activation of the entire body musculature. While classic strength training is usually limited to certain muscle groups, the muscles are always addressed holistically with EMS. Whether squats, push-ups or crunches - every exercise here also becomes a full-body workout.


Ems Training Challenges the Deep Muscles

If you value your health and optimal posture, you cannot avoid training the deep muscles. In order to activate the deeper layers, strength training used to require special exercises, mostly from the field of yoga or Pilates. With EMS training, on the other hand, there is always stimulation of the deep muscles, which increases the effectiveness.


Compensation of Muscular Imbalances

Especially in the area of the back, uneven strain can quickly lead to imbalances - back pain and, in the worst case, a herniated disc are the result. The electrodes on top activate the muscles completely evenly and are thus able to correct muscular imbalances.


Ems Training Has a Fast Effect

The duration of the individual EMS workouts is short, but the training results are nevertheless quickly visible. "Already after a total of ten hours of training, the first successes become apparent," explains personal trainer Gregor Alexander Braun to Focus.de. Also possible complaints with the musculature would subside quickly.

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