Rückenübungen für das Home Office
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Ejercicios para el dolor de espalda

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Nowadays many work from home offices. But especially when working from home there is a risk of back pain. ISPO.com gives tips and shows five exercises without equipment that stabilize the back and effectively prevent pain.

Spent the whole day at the PC in the home office again? Maybe even on the uncomfortable kitchen chair? Too little exercise and the wrong sitting position are the main reasons for annoying back pain. According to surveys by the Techniker Krankenkasse, every tenth day of absence from work is due to back problems. However, the changed working conditions cannot be compensated for with ergonomic furniture alone: Exercise is and remains the best recipe against back pain!

Everyone can counteract the pain directly at home with little expenditure of time. Because a targeted strengthening of the body's core prevents back pain.

These Are the Best Exercises for Back Pain

  1. Yoga Quickie for Health
  2. Shoulder Circles and Stretching
  3. Cat Hump with Neck Massage
  4. Gather Apples
  5. Swivel Armchair For Everyone

Yoga Quickie for Health

Place the palms smoothly together, fingers closed and pointing upwards. Keep the forearms horizontal. Now squeeze firmly and persistently. The countermovement works from the same basic posture. The palms of the hands again lie smoothly together, but one hand points upwards and the other downwards. Now push the hands slightly apart and interlock the fingertips. Now pull the horizontally held forearms outwards as strongly as possible.


Shoulder Circles and Stretching

You can circle the shoulders very small, then getting bigger and faster. Stop, exhale and let the arms circle backwards. Also start slowly and small, then increase. Repeat the exercise several times.

Stretching also works while standing or sitting. Cross the arms loosely behind the head. One hand remains hanging. The elbow of this arm is grasped with the other hand and pulled until the stretch of the side of the body is felt. Then switch arms.


Cat Hump with Neck Massage

This exercise is done while sitting: Place your hands loosely on your thighs. The feet are hip-width apart, the lower legs at right angles to the floor. First straighten the back. Now slowly bend the head forward and let it sink onto the chest. In this posture connect a cat hump by rolling the shoulders evenly and slowly towards the abdomen. Remain in a still comfortable position and consciously feel the pull in the spine. Breathe evenly and calmly.

After about a minute, slowly straighten up again vertebra by vertebra, starting with the lowest part of the back and moving up to the top cervical vertebra. Finally, mentally sit on a crown, stretch your back and make a hollow back. Keep your shoulders down. And now repeat.


Gather Apples

Time to stand up: Stand next to your chair and straighten up, neck stretched, head up, looking forward. Arms hang loosely to the left and right of the body. The feet are parallel. Now turn both palms outwards, stretch the arms hanging down and raise them evenly in two half circles to above the head. The hands are now touching, the fingers are directly opposite each other and are stretched more and more. Now the hands begin to take turns picking apples.

Imagine that the fruit is hanging on a particularly high branch. If you like, you can stand on your toes. After picking a few apples, slowly lower your arms to your sides and put your feet on your heels. Finally pull the toes up and relax.


Swivel Armchair For Everyone

Move your chair slightly away from the desk. Sit up straight, cross your legs loosely and straighten your upper body. Depending on which leg is up, place the corresponding hand on the inside of the knee, press firmly against it and turn the upper body as far back as possible in the direction of the arm hanging down on the other side of the body.

and turn the upper part of the body as far back as possible in the direction of the arm hanging down on the other side of the body. Hold and breathe evenly. Slowly turn back, place legs side by side again and roll over to the other side. Repeat exercise.

Tip: Get up whenever you can

No one has a sedentary job that really forces them in the chair all day. Stand up every now and then while talking on the phone. Stretch. Stand on your toes, then back on your heels.

Deliberately place frequently used work tools, such as a printer or wastebasket, so far away from the desk that you have to make an extra run to them each time. The lunch break is also perfect for a walk.

Even if you have to work permanently on the keyboard, you can prevent hunched backs and stiff necks by deliberately leaning forward and then sitting back on the edge of the chair. Stretching your shoulders or turning your upper body back and forth can be done in any position. It is also helpful to put your arms behind your back, clasp your hands and slowly pull them upwards.

Even with these simple tricks you keep your back in motion and do something for your health. If you spend an additional five minutes on specific back exercises that can be done in any household without the use of tools, you can effectively prevent back pain.

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