Tips on How Couch Potatoes Can Start Running

LISTICLE | 04/02/2021
5 Tipps, wie Sportmuffel mit dem Laufen anfangen können.
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The days of being a sports slacker are over and you finally want to get going with running? Then it's time to trick yourself a little, or at least let yourself be tricked. Here are five tips on how couch potatoes can get started with running.

It may often be difficult to take the first step. But once you've taken that step, running isn't so bad. On the contrary: running offers many great opportunities. The condition is increased, you are in the fresh air and listen to your favorite music or even run together with friends. Ultimately, running is the right sport for almost everyone.


The Preparation

Let's start with the tricks you can use to trick yourself into starting running after all: First, there's the outfit. As a leap of faith, you could treat yourself to a pair of new running shoes that are so comfortable and light that you'll want to start running as soon as you try them on. With the same thought in mind, you can then justify investing in a stylish pair of running shorts and extend this to the shirt, functional underwear, sports socks, hat and jacket as you see fit. As a reward, when you have actually started running, a heart rate monitor, good headphones and other nice gadgets for the new hobby are waiting for you.


Seek like-Minded People

Even if you have the feeling that you are the only person in the world who doesn't jog yet: It is usually not even true for the closer environment and is therefore quite worthwhile to say out loud the running project in the circle of acquaintances or colleagues. So you are not only in the obligation, but usually also fast a comrade-in-arms is found to run.

If you can't find a like-minded person in this way, a running course for beginners will help - you can enquire about this, for example, via your health insurance company. As a preventive measure for your health, the fees for certified courses are usually covered (in part or in full). Providers are often the local sports clubs, where you can continue to train running or other sports later as a member for a manageable annual fee. The main thing is to get started.

Oftmals hilft es, sich einen Laufpartner zu suchen.
A running partner can provide additional motivation during training.

Treadmill to Help You Get Started

If you don't dare to go to a running meeting unprepared, you can also start running in your own four walls. On your own treadmill, you are unobserved and don't have to worry about damp and cold weather. Treadmills for the home are now available in an enormous range, from mechanical to electric, from 100 to 2,000 euros, from large to small, in different speeds, foldable and also very quiet.


Book a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a costly, but usually very effective way to get a die-hard athlete running after all. The better the trainer is trained, the more knowledge he brings with him, how he can guide you according to your personal fitness, motivate you and build up the untrained muscles. He will also tell you honestly when you are ready for your first marathon or whether you should train for smaller running events first. Having a goal in mind helps you take the next steps in your running. There are trial runs for adults at some running events starting at one kilometre.

Ein Personal Trainer hilft auch dabei, fehlende Kondition oder Muskulatur aufzubauen.
A personal trainer can help with lack of muscle or conditioning.

Bootcamp Registration

Although the word bootcamp may sound like extreme sports and military drill to sports fans, there are now so many different options that everyone can find a suitable offer. Bootcamp always means that training takes place outdoors. The focus is on running, as an endurance sport, but also as an obstacle course over park benches, fallen tree trunks, streams or similar. This provides variety and trains holistically. The team feeling in the small group is described by bootcamp participants as particularly helpful to persevere permanently. You share the costs for a personal trainer, who motivates and challenges everyone according to their abilities.

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