Why You Should Attend a Fitness Bootcamp

LISTICLE | 05/14/2021
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Training outdoors in a small group under the strict supervision of a trainer: fitness boot camps are very popular. They're available as regular classes, concentrated weekend or holiday camps, and even extreme drill days. The top 10 reasons to attend a bootcamp.


Get Out of the Gym

Bootcamps take place outdoors, in all weathers. Swapping the fresh air for the air-conditioned or even stuffy atmosphere of the gym is a main argument for many bootcamp participants to opt for outdoor training.


Intensive Training

At the boot camp, a trainer constantly motivates a small group of like-minded people to peak athletic performance. He pays strict attention to bring each participant to his individual performance limits and in this way to challenge them to the maximum. Whether the incessant cheering sounds like army drill or good-humored incentive depends on the bootcamp.


Cost-Benefit Effect

At the bootcamp, the participants virtually share the costs for a personal trainer. The investment in the mostly very well trained professionals pays off, the training effect is rated higher by many bootcamp participants than in the gym. In the Bootcamp is trained holistically. The focus is on fitness, coordination and strength training. Bodyweight exercises with your own body weight, endurance running and high-intensity circuit training are common.


Varied Training without Equipment

Functional training takes place in the bootcamp almost always without equipment. The bootcamp mainly uses what the environment offers: Trees, park benches, stairs, walls, bridges, streams, etc. In addition to this natural obstacle course, boot camps often use ropes, Thera-bands and kettlebells.


"A problem shared is a problem halved."

If the classic workout in the gym or the lonely jogging no longer bring plus points in terms of strength training and weight loss, only a concentrated action helps. According to the motto "a problem shared is a problem halved", a boot camp brings together a group with similar experiences and expectations. This welds together and helps to overcome, after all, you don't want to embarrass yourself in front of the others. Once you've made it, you'll be proud together and maybe even find new friends.


Dietary Control to Lose Weight

Losing weight through high-intensity training is coupled with nutritional counseling at boot camp. Participants usually receive individual diet plans that are checked for their effect. This includes weight control in front of each other as well as re-measuring the abdominal circumference. The control in the group is felt by the participants as helpful to hold out the losing weight in the Bootcamp. The goal of the boot camp is a permanent change in diet for better health and fitness.


No Lengthy Commitments

They last a day, a weekend or a "holiday" long - the uniqueness of many boot camps is a secret of success, which makes it possible for many to defeat the inner pig dog and finally tackle the long-planned project per fitness and weight loss. This one time you pull yourself together, even if it may not otherwise work out despite the expensive membership in the fitness club.


Regularity despite Non-binding Nature

"Slim and fit in eight weeks" - this is how Original Bootcamp advertises itself as one of the largest providers of outdoor fitness in Germany. The courses at Original Bootcamp last two months with two 60-minute sessions per week. If a course ends, the next one follows. Thus the customer can decide each time again whether he wants to continue or not. Other bootcamps lure with ten-card or short subscriptions.


Train Together with Friends

You can register as an individual for a bootcamp, which is then put together from participants who do not know each other beforehand. Especially in big cities, there are often enough interested people who can come to the training at the same time at the same place. If you can't find a bootcamp to your liking at your place of residence, you can also hire a personal trainer for a private bootcamp together with friends.


Offers for All Target Groups

Strengthening fitness and health, losing weight, strength training - every participant sets the expectations and the focus of boot camps a little differently. The providers react and hold boot camps explicitly for women, only for men, only for brides, only for the beach figure, only for young moms with baby in the stroller. If you want, you can also have a drill instructor in uniform yell at you and drag you through the mud in army jargon for money.

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