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Anaerob Training is important and a very effective weight loss method
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Anaerobic Exercises for Weight Loss: These Are the Best Anaerobic Exercises

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When talking about effective weight loss methods, it’s important to mention aerobic and anaerobic exercise. There are some anaerobic exercises for weight loss.

These are not the same athletic tactics, as many people think. They differ in approach, technique and end result. In this article, we’ll break down the features and benefits of anaerobic exercise, as well as give examples of effective workouts.

These Are the Best Anaerobic Exercises for Weight Loss

  1. short-distance running
  2. fast cycling
  3. high-intensity interval training 
  4. bodybuilding
  5. power-building
  6. tabata
  7. exercise on sports machines. 

How Does Help Anaerobic Exercise For Weight Loss?

So, anaerobic training: how to do exercises and burn fat the right way? Anaerobic training is also called strength training. It is aimed at performing high-intensity short-term exercises, during which energy is generated from the reserve of ready-made fuel-phosphorus compounds (ATP, creatine phosphate) and glycogen contained in muscles and liver. This reserve lasts about -12 seconds. Anaerobic exercises use muscle energy for short periods of time. Weightlifting and sprinting are such exercises.

What is Anaerobic Training?

Let’s first consider “anaerobic training” meaning in simple terms, because non-professional athletes are unlikely to have the necessary knowledge of human physiology. 

The definition of anaerobic training stands for any physical activity performed at a sufficiently high intensity. With this type of exercise, the body cannot provide necessary energy to supplement it with oxygen consumption alone. Anaerobic workout mainly engages fast muscle fibers that can function without the help of additional inhaled oxygen only for a short period of time. 

While during aerobic exercise the body primarily uses oxygen to produce energy, during anaerobic training it takes ATP and glucose from the muscle cells. During high-intensity workout, anaerobic exercise lasts about 1,5-2 minutes, after which the body starts using inhaled oxygen to break down glucose and fatty acids, and therefore to produce energy. 

All exercises are alternated with short breaks, which allow the body to replenish the lack of oxygen. Such workouts help to get rid of excess weight faster, disperse congestion, pump up muscles and achieve a beautiful figure relief. However, excessive overloading is dangerous and can provoke disorders of the respiratory or cardiovascular system. That’s why anaerobic loads should be performed under the careful supervision of a trainer.

Anaerobic Training Benefits: Anaerobic Exercise For Weight Loss

Let’s look at how anaerobic workout affects our body: 

  • promotes the production of anabolic hormones, growth and strengthening of muscle mass;
  • trains the strength endurance; 
  • regulates blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of diabetes; 
  • speeds up the metabolic process; 
  • reduces toxins and waste products;
  • accelerates the fat-burning process due to high calorie loss during exercise; 
  • builds an athletic silhouette. 


Other benefits of anaerobic training include immune and the musculoskeletal system improvement.  

For best effects of anaerobic training, it’s recommended to combine it with aerobic one and proper nutrition. Increasing the protein amount in your nutrition will accelerate the acquisition of a beautiful muscular silhouette. 

Another big advantage of an anaerobic workout is its long-lasting effect. For 36 hours after the training, the body will have metabolic processes that contribute to weight loss.

Burn fat with calisthenics

Examples of Anaerobic Training: The Best Anaerobic Exercises

Anaerobic exercise includes all short-term, intense exercises that are accompanied by maximum muscle tension. These are: 

  • short-distance running; 
  • fast cycling;
  • high-intensity interval training; 
  • bodybuilding;
  • power-building;
  • tabata;
  • exercise on sports machines. 

Short intervals allow you to replenish the lack of oxygen, so keep a clear time frame for your exercises to recover your breath and strength. 

Anaerobic training methods also include any types of jumping, for example jumping jacks, burpees and jumping rope. 

Anaerobes Training an der Rudermaschiene im Fitnessstudio
Die Rudermaschine im Gym eignet sich optimal dazu, anaerob zu trainieren
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Types of Anaerobic Training

As we have already found out, all types of anaerobic training break down glucose for energy without using oxygen. Some of them, such as jumping rope, combine both types (aerobic and anaerobic) and can be performed anywhere and by an athlete of any level of fitness. 

Remember that when you do anaerobic workout, you are forcing your body to work to its maximum, so it’s important to alternate between warm-up, exercise and pausing in order to achieve results and not harm your health. Yoga and stretching can help you consolidate your results and make your body even more resilient. 

Anaerobic Training Programs: The Best Anaerobic Exercises

Choosing anaerobic training exercises for yourself, it’s important to understand: if you want to become stronger, choosing one type of exercise will not lead you to your desired goal. Often the predominance of one type of anaerobic training is the reason for insufficient weight loss or absence of the desired relief. 

We recommend getting a consultation from a professional trainer, who will help you choose a program specifically for your body type and requirements. With his help, you will learn not only how to perform exercises correctly, but also achieve maximum results in a short time, and you will be able to maintain them for long.

Does Anaerobic Exercise Burn Fat?

Many scientists claim that it’s enough to perform anaerobic exercise to burn fat, and that it stimulates weight loss even more than aerobics. The reason is that your metabolism is running at an accelerated rate for a long time after a workout. Thanks to HIIT it’s possible to burn more than 450 calories per hour. 

But the main goal of such a workout is to build muscle mass, so in a system with cardio, anaerobic exercise, fat burning is much faster and quality. Logo Author: