Training plan

  • Health
    Anaerob Training is important and a very effective weight loss method
    The importance of anaerobic training is gaining more and more weight in the fitness world. The reason for this is the importance that the short but intense power efforts of this training method - like sprinting during endurance running or high-intensity interval training - has for burning fat. We show how it works exactly and what you have to keep in mind during training.
  • Fitness
    Tabata - music, exercises, workout & co. Tabata training is the magic formula for all those who want to achieve maximum fitness results with little time. Just four minutes are enough for visible and measurable results with this training method.
  • Running
    Die neue Wire SPX Serie bietet Sonnenbrillen, die fest und kaum spürbar im Gesicht sitzen.
    One more reason for running even in Corona winter: A study by the University of Calgary comes to the conclusion that running and aerobic workouts improve brain functions and memory. The researchers are even hoping for an effect for Alzheimer's and dementia research.