Pedelec Business Is Growing, Popularity in Asia and Europe Rising

Study from India: Global E-Bike Market Growing Rapidly

Growth in the e-bike sector is increasing. In 2018, the turnover of worldwide pedelec sales was 14.775 billion dollars. According to a study, however, the end of the profits has by no means been reached.

E-bikes are particularly in demand in the city.
E-bikes are particularly in demand in the city.

The Indian consulting firm Mordor Intelligence published strong figures from the e-bike market: in 2018, worldwide sales of electric bicycles reached 14.775 billion dollars. The market is expected to continue to grow over the next few years.

This is proven by data from around the world collected by Mordor Intelligence. By 2024, sales of e-bikes are expected to rise to 18.65 billion US dollars. The company comes to this conclusion thanks to worldwide data.

Potential for E-Bike Market in Asia

Incidentally, the market is still growing fastest in Asia, and there is still a lot of potential in the Mordor home market of India, the company writes. Almost one million e-bikes are sold in Germany every year. The report on the German market states that the e-bike is a preferred form of mobility and is intended for sports and leisure as well as a clean alternative for the city.

And "in 2018, electric bicycle sales reached a 23.5 percent share of the total bicycle market. Of the total e-bikes sold in Germany, 99.5 percent are of 250W/25Km/h models." The fast pedelecs, which can travel up to 45 km/h, account for only 0.5 percent. However, this is subject to compulsory insurance and helmets.

Pedelecs Popular in France and Spain

The strongest market development can be seen in Germany as a production location. The German bicycle brands exported 440,000 electrically assisted bikes in 2018, which corresponds to an increase of 51 percent within one year.

These bikes then land preferably in France, the Netherlands and Spain. Besides Germany, it is the countries in Europe where e-bikes are most popular.

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