Trends and Innovations in Snow

In the Video: Winter Sports Trends at ISPO Munich 2019

ISPO Munich is the first port of call when it comes to innovations and trends from the world of winter sports. We show interesting novelties in the video.

With the new React R8, Rossignol offers a ski that will satisfy even the most demanding skier.


"The name says it all. It reacts well, so that skiers of all skill levels can easily control the ski, says Hilmar Bolle, Country Manager Germany & Austria of Rossignol: "A good mix of a race carver and a slalom carver. Versatile. So I can go on vacation for a week and have fun with it.”

Airbubbles Save Weight

The trend is towards more lightness. Innovative technologies such as airbubbles in the material allow the Dalbello ski boot to weigh less than 1300 grams.

Also lightless, the carbon fibre front jaws in the Marker binding. Although 15% less weight, the performance on the slope remains the same. Sustainability also plays an increasingly important role in winter sports.

Florian Pupp, Sales Manager Holmenkol: "We are presenting a new natural line here at ISPO Munich; biodegradable ski waxes that are very easy to handle. I can use the products and ultimately focus on the important things at the end of the day and for me that’s being out there in the snow and having fun."

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Fischer Sports Presents Scan-Fit App

For more fun in the snow, the new Nivylen plastic coating is also available. Josef Holub, founder of Goodboards: "If you look at the surface of the soles, you might not notice it, but when you ski you’ll notice it immediately: the scratches are smaller, you're faster on the slope and you don’t have to wax them that often".

Customized products are on the rise, from custom-made skis to bespoke ski boots. The focus is on “Individuality”, as with the Scan Fit app by Fischer Sports

Severin Lehner, Produktmanagement Schuh Alpin Fischer Sports: "Simply use the camera on your smartphone, place your bare feet on an A4 sheet of paper and take a photo of both feet from three different angles, and the app will automatically calculate how long the feet are and then compare them in our Fischer database, with every single boot model."

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