The Future of the Sports Industry Is Digital

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The second day of the ISPO Digitize Summit has begun! Again the visitors can expect exciting keynotes, events and keynotes around the focus topics digitization, eSports and change management. How is the sports business preparing for these challenges? Which digital solutions already exist on the market? How fit is my company in terms of digitization? ISPO Digitize prepares you for digital change! A detailed overview and further information on the individual events are available here.

Klaus Dittrich auf dem ISPO Digitize Summit 2019
Klaus Dittrich: "The sports retailers know that they have to deal with it, but they are not quite sure how to do it."

Digitalization Offers Unprecedented Opportunities to Businesses

Klaus Dittrich spoke of a radical change, which can now also be felt in the sports industry. According to the CEO of Messe München, many industries are in a state of upheaval.

However, this change should not only be seen as a cause for concern and threat, but rather as an opportunity. Digitalization offers companies unprecedented opportunities for better, more targeted communication and a major economic advantage, which is emerging from the potential for exciting new business areas. The crucial question for the orientation of the program is how to create a profitable framework from the potential threat to digitalization.

Klaus Dittrich und Judith Gerlach lassen sich in die digitalen Neuerungen der Branche einführen.
Klaus Dittrich and Judith Gerlach get informed about the digital innovations of the industry.
Image credit:
Messe München GmbH

Know-how Is the Be-All and End-All

In order to take the right step into the digital age in the highly competitive sports market, a detailed and complete understanding of the topic is indispensable. Dittrich emphasized that this fact is falling on fertile ground: "The sports retailers know that they have to deal with it, but they are not quite sure how to do it."

ISPO Digitize Summit: Between Theory and Practice

Thanks to the mix of panel discussions, individual lectures and workshops, the ISPO Digitize Summit 2019 is particularly characterized by the opportunity to combine theory and practice. Klaus Dittrich stressed that the workshops offer a format in which "brands and retailers can better understand how their customers tick, both online and offline." Guests can also learn how to communicate with customers and how a perfect customer journey can look like.

Judith Gerlach Keynote auf dem ISPO Digitize Summit 2019
Judith Gerlach: "When it comes to digitalization in the sports business, Messe München will be the hub of the world for the next two days."
Image credit:
Messe München GmbH

Munich Is the Focus of Digitalization

In her keynote speech, Judith Gerlach, Bavarian Minister of State for Digital Affairs, emphasized the importance of Munich as a location: "When it comes to digitalization in the sports business, the next two days will once again see Messe München as the hub of the world. Not only people from Munich and the surrounding area are here, but also guests from all over the world. "Hats off to the ISPO Digitize Summit. Messe München proves, as so often, that it has the right instinct," she praised.

„Die Zukunft ist jetzt“ - Klaus Dittrich versucht sich an Hologate in der virtuellen Realität.
"The future is now" - Klaus Dittrich tries his hand at hologate in the virtual reality.
Image credit:
Messe München GmbH

"Data Is the New Currency"

The Bavarian Minister of State for Digital Affairs pointed out the great economic importance of Big Data and the associated need to use it correctly. "Data becomes profit." To remain competitive in the 21st century, companies need to develop analysis strategies that enable them to better understand their customers and to produce and market products according to their needs. This has become essential because the competition is now operating globally and is therefore putting much greater pressure on market participants.

Judith Gerlach und Klaus Dittrich an einer AR-Kletterwand
Judith Gerlach: "For me, too, gaming is more than just a temporary pop culture phenomenon."
Image credit:
Messe München GmbH

eSports Is a Matter of the Heart for the Minister of State for Digital Affairs

"Gaming is more than a temporary pop cultural phenomenon for me, too." Judith Gerlach remembered on stage how she saved Princess Peach 25 years ago. Due to her own affinity for gaming, she was aware "that people play across all social classes and age groups." She also appealed to the guests to recognize the economic and sporting significance of gaming and the eSports industry and to see it more in a global than a national context.

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