OutDoor by ISPO Trend Report Outdoor+

Glamping, Bikepacking, SUP - Urbanization Promotes New Outdoor Movements

Urban outdoor, outdoor yoga or stand-up paddle boarding - the incentives to be outdoors are becoming more and more diverse. In the trend report Outdoor+, ISPO.com shows the most important outdoor trends and developments for 2020 that go beyond classic activities, giving a partial outlook on OutDoor by ISPO 2019.ƒ

Glamping instead of camping - the outdoor industry reinvents itself again and again.

From the millennials to families to senior citizens: they all have different demands and live their very own interpretation of outdoor, whether luxury camping or minimalist bike tours. Not least in view of the constant urbanization, the demand for "Outdoor+", i.e. outdoor sports, which go beyond classic outdoor activities such as hiking or climbing, is increasing.

ISPO.com presents the most important trends and developments in this young segment for 2020. They and many other innovations will be presented for the first time from 30 June to 3 July 2019 at Europe's largest outdoor trade fair OutDoor by ISPO in Munich.

Urban Outdoor: Fashion, Lifestyle, Zeitgeist

"Studies show that people spend 95 percent of their time indoors today. A fact that not only significantly affects our health, but also has a great effect on our creativity and social interaction," explained Marc Fischer, Senior Director BU Outdoor Europe at adidas Outdoor. Accordingly, it is important to bring people back outdoors and at the same time offer them outdoor activities in the cities.

"For the summer of 2020," Fischer said, "the MyShelter Parley jacket with its modern silhouette will bridge the gap between urban living spaces and outdoor worlds and inspire a new generation to move outdoors."

A trend that will also remain of great importance in the future. This is because more than 75 percent of the German population already live in urban areas. Oliver Puchert, Procurist Urban Outdoor Culture at Sporthaus Schuster: "Those who like being outdoors dress accordingly. Urban Outdoor has just really arrived at the end consumer."

The new Kånken Totepack from Fjällraven has a good chance of becoming the fashionable must-have in 2020. It combines shoulder bag and rucksack in the legendary Kånken rucksack style. Cyclists carry the totepack on their backs loosely over their shoulders for lunch. And it also fulfills its purpose during the evening tours to the lake.

The US shoe manufacturer Keen focuses above all on sustainability and upcycling: the upper material of the latest UNEEK sneaker model consists entirely of recycled PET plastic bottles.

Urban Mobility - The New Desire to Live Without Cars

The purchasing specialist Oliver Puchert sees a further branch of growth in urban mobility: "Especially in larger cities, bicycles and e-mobility are booming. City commuters want an outfit that suits them and their lifestyle, that can be worn during the trip and the day in the office."

Vaude has developed a cycling shoe with a Dualflex sole especially for the commuters, which allows good power transmission to the pedals as well as comfortable rolling behavior when walking. The Munich Eco-Bikewear brand Triple2 sees a strongly growing demand for feminine and sporty styles in 2020, especially in the women's sector.

Maike Niehoff, Marketing Manager at Triple2, summarized the focus topics for summer 2020 as follows: "We continue to focus on the areas Merino, Ocean Waste, PFC Free and Made in Europe. New for 2020: A Merino-Tencel mix in the cycling jerseys."

Yoga fans also attach great importance to soft, flowing fabrics in their outfits. Like the new Motion Seamless Tight from New Zealand Merino expert Icebreaker. The so-called Cool-Lite material combines the two natural functional fibres merino wool and Tencel, processed in a seamless construction for high wearing comfort.

Glamping: Luxury Camping or Tree Huse? Everything Is Possible

Camping is a returning trend in and much more multi-faceted than before. While the German manufacturer Heimplanet is particularly targeting a young, hip target group with its stylish, inflatable tent models, Lotus Belle is transforming camping into a luxury holiday: the glamping tents from Austria offer 12 to 65 square metres of space.

"Nowadays, nature and sustainability are more important, which opens up completely new possibilities in terms of outdoor lifestyle and glamping," said Liese Gritsch from Glampingwelt. The trend fascinates Europe and is finding its way into both tourism and events.

Bicycle Tours as an Alternative to Package Holidays

Day trips by bike are booming with 761 million day trips per year in Germany. According to the ADFC, two thirds of them start right outside the front door. Outdoor brands are also responding to this with an extended range for cycling and bike packing. The Heilbronn sports goods manufacturer Ortlieb is a bike bag specialist and presents a completely new set-up for bike holidaymakers for 2020 with handlebar bag, top tube frame bag as well as multisport bike backpack and saddle bag - all waterproof.

The new unisex rain skirt of the Bavarian sportswear label Maloja protects wearers not only on the bike, but also on foot. The knee-length skirt protects against moisture thanks to the waterproof 2.5-layer laminate, is well ventilated and can be converted into a waterproof seat.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding: The "Entry Drug" to Water Sports

What began as a leisure activity has developed into a veritable sport: stand-up paddle boarding. The growth rates of SUP athletes are still high, which can also be seen from the products that are sold through specialist retailers, said Flo Brunner, marketing expert at Starboard: "The trend is clearly towards touring, and fitness areas such as SUP yoga are becoming more and more important."

For Brunner, stand-up paddle boarding is a kind of "entry drug" into the world of water: "There are only a few sports where entry is relatively easy and independent of gender and age."

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