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ISPO Award Winner 2023: Ïdlo (Idlo) Dried Food

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Ïdlo (Idlo) offers enjoyable and healthy food options on the go: meals from the Ukrainian company contain 100% natural ingredients and offer a variety of options, including plant-based ones. The dried food is long-lasting, small to pack, and takes the pain out of meal planning when out and about outdoors.

Dried Food with 100 Percent Natural Ingredients

Whether you are out adventuring in extreme conditions or just want a convenient meal on the goal, Ïdlo (Idlo) provides a convenient and nourishing solution. Preparing your food is super simple: just add hot water, give it a quick stir, and wait ten minutes. Then savour a warm and healthy meal straight from the pack. All you need is the Ïdlo (Idlo) pouch, a spoon, and

boiling water. The meals in the range are crafted from 100% natural products, with no artificial ingredients, flavour enhancers, colourings, or preservatives. Its extended shelf life is achieved through the low moisture content resulting from freeze-drying and infrared-drying processes, coupled with the use of oxygen absorbers only. 

As a prime go-to for satisfying hunger, no matter where you are, Ïdlo (Idlo) offers a comprehensive nutrition system of 43 products: breakfasts, soups, entrées, snacks, beverages, and energy bars including meals featuring plant-based meats to offer a maximum variety of options and react to global trends.


Ïdlo (Idlo) offers a colour-coded selection of 43 different meals, snacks, and beverages
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Ïdlo (Idlo)

Facing Challenges and Opportunities for Growth

As Ïdlo (Idlo) was born to cater to the needs of Travelers, outdoor activity and extreme sports fans, and create healthy meals on the go that even their own children would love to eat when being on a camping trip, the Ukrainian brand had to deal with a different set of challenges during the last years. “In the wake of the Covid pandemic, like many Ukrainian companies, we encountered a fresh set of challenges as our nation faced an attack from Russia. Our previous trials, such as tailoring products for the Antarctic Ukrainian station or expeditions to Everest, gave way to pressing concerns like securing supply chains during wartime and enhancing opportunities for volunteer aid to the military and displaced persons. It's become an adapt-or-perish reality”, says CEO Ivan Kysylytsia about the circumstances his company had to face.

Providing vegetarian and non-vegetarian convenient nutrition solutions
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Ïdlo (Idlo)

Nonetheless, motivation within the company remained unbroken: “We've learned to perceive crises as opportunities for growth. The key lies not in halting but in relentless action and exploration of possibilities”, explains Serg Andreev, Head of Engineering at Ïdlo (Idlo). “Even as a segment of our team joined the military two years ago, we've persisted in experimenting with novel combinations of freeze-dried and infrared-dried ingredients, offering feedback and insights for production enhancements. Therefore, the recognition through the ISPO Award serves as an incredible source of motivation, affirming that we're on the right trajectory.”

Easy food option when camping: Ïdlo (Idlo) is a go-to for quick and healthy meals
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Ïdlo (Idlo)

Modern Food-Processing Techniques Using Infrared and Freeze-Drying

Ïdlo (Idlo) incorporates a blend of freeze- and infrared drying in its recipe to optimize pricing while preserving the flavourful qualities of the dishes. Both techniques are state-of-the-art methods for prolonging a product’s shelf life and facilitating handling, storage, and transportation.

While freeze-drying helps retain nutrients and phytochemicals in the foods, making it a healthy food processing choice, it is also an energy-intensive and time-consuming process. 

This also significantly impacts the final cost of the product and is also where infrared drying comes into play. Infrared drying is quicker and saves on energy, which is why Ïdlo (Idlo) incorporates a blend of freeze-drying and infrared drying in its recipe to optimize pricing while preserving the flavourful qualities of the dishes.


The variety of options leaves nothing to be desired
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Ïdlo (Idlo)

The wide range of flavours and innovative use of processing techniques and ingredients also come from a strong focus on the needs of the customers: “Ever since our inception, we've embraced the lean methodology to incessantly refine our offerings and elevate customer satisfaction”, explains Mike Temper, Head of Product at Ïdlo (Idlo). “We rely on user research and swift adaptation, qualities we believe define a truly competitive product. This approach led us to come up with a new line of meals featuring plant-based meat.”

Embracing the global trend towards plant-based diets, the brand has introduced a new line of meals featuring various plant-based meats, including sausages, meatballs, and kebabs in their dried food.


Straight from the pouch: the package shape makes it similar to eating from a bowl
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Ïdlo (Idlo)

Thoughtful Package Design for Better Usability

An improved packaging design makes it especially easy to eat straight from the pouch: its lower and wider shape feels similar to using a bowl. Additionally, the fill line is located inside the package, making it simpler to add the perfect amount of water. Modern raw material processing methods are used to prevent the release of any harmful substances when filled with hot water. The active packaging is also able to absorb oxygen and excess moisture, ensuring safe storage for at least two years.

Ïdlo (Idlo) dried food is colour-coded depending on dish categories: i.e. green for breakfast
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Ïdlo (Idlo)

Thoughtful colour-coding of the package also simplifies the process of locating a desired meal type in your backpack. Corresponding to the seasons, each colour represents a specific meal category: spring green for breakfasts; summer red for main dishes; autumn brown for soups; and blue for snacks and beverages, evoking the feel of winter.

Here’s what the jury had to say about Ïdlo (Idlo) dried food:

"These meal options make your meal planning on your adventures a no-brainer: they are small to pack and contain 100% natural ingredients. Different flavours and meal types allow a balanced diet, even on longer adventures. Multiple plant-based options, lower energy consumption in production, and a good price point are additional benefits."
ISPO Award Jury

5 reasons why Ïdlo (Idlo) dried food convinced the ISPO Award Jury:

  • 100% natural products
  • no artificial ingredients, flavour enhancers, colourings, or preservatives
  • edible right from the pouch
  • 43 product options containing multiple flavours and different plant-based meals
  • mix of freeze-drying and infrared-drying techniques for lower energy consumption and optimized pricing

Product Specs:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Modern raw material processing methods and new active packaging that does not release any harmful substances when exposed to hot water and is able to absorb oxygen and excess moisture, ensuring safe storage at least for two years
  • RRP: €4.00 – 8.00 depending on dish type (breakfast, main course, soup, etc.)
  • Market launch: April 2024
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