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Aerojaq® fabric has an engineered mesh structure for high ventilation and pull-push moisture control for a comfortable, functional, and well-dressed look. 

Specializing in functional sports materials and apparel, Eclat Textile continues to advance its development. The Aerojaq® fabric in the Eclat series has a technical mesh structure for high ventilation and pull-push moisture management for a comfortable, functional and stylish look. The Softform product reduces production processes but with special construction designs and materials, combining three main innovative functions, namely light weight and permeability, flexibility and comfort, and keeping warm in winter.

Eclat Softform is a high-performance material with an incredibly refined softness and a lean process. A lean process means a more simplified production process. By only going through 3 steps of finishing  process when in prior you had to go through 5 steps. A simplified production process can also conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Even without any spandex, the fabrics are naturally flexible, due to its distinct coil-like structure created through technical development. Fabrics with elastic fiber have a much more shorter life cycle because of how it loses elasticity over use. So with this kind of yarn, the life cycle of a product is much longer without reducing its quality and funcionality.

Eclat Textile Co. Ltd. engages in the manufacture and sale of knitted fabrics and knitwear. Its products include active wear, performance wear and ready to wear.