New Products/02/04/2021

HeiQ XReflex - Thinner, lighter, warmer and more sustainable

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The human body continuously produces metabolic heat and releases it into the surroundings. Physically, this happens by evaporation, conduction, convection and mainly by radiation. Studies show that about 60 percent of heat loss occurs via far-infrared radiation or electromagnetic waves. To reduce heat loss in winter, people wrap up in bulky clothes with thick and heavy down feathers or synthetic insulation.

HeiQ XReflex - Thinner, lighter, warmer

Insulation can be reduced with HeiQ XReflex

For example, if a jacket requires a standard insulation of 80 g/m2, the insulation can be reduced to 60 g/sm if one fabric layer is treated with HeiQ XReflex. If two layers of fabric are equipped with HeiQ XReflex, insulation of 40 g/sm is sufficient. The thermal performance remains the same in all cases. This opens up new possibilities for design, because slimmer silhouettes and a lower weight of garments become possible. This is a good news for those who are planning to climb the Everest and trying to take as little weight with them as possible! The coating is ideal for outdoor and sports clothing such as jackets, pants and skirts, as well as for sleeping bags. The fact that it can also be used in the lifestyle sector is demonstrated by the cooperation with fashion retailer Zara, which launched a coat with HeiQ XReflex technology for the first time in the sustainable "Join Life" line in winter 2020/21.

Less volume, more resource savings

Above all, however, HeiQ is convinced that there are new opportunities for improvement in terms of product sustainability. An average lined jacket contains 200 grams of insulation material. When two layers of fabric are coated with HeiQ XReflex, the jacket's carbon footprint for insulation material is reduced by up to 50 percent. At the same time, resources are saved, such as water, energy and raw materials. In addition, all HeiQ XReflex materials are made from recycled materials and are also recyclable.