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  • New Products
    HeiQ CEO Carlo Centonze and his daughter in HeiQ Viroblock-ed masks
    Surfaces are source of viral contamination, which is why the WHO recommends frequent hand washing because our hands are constantly touching various surfaces. Research shows that viruses and bacteria remain active and even infectious on textile surfaces under room temperature for days. As a leader in textile innovations, HeiQ’s mission is to use textile as a medium to improve the lives of billions of people. We launched HeiQ Viroblock as a means to contribute our part to the world.
    Our thinking was: until there is a cure or vaccine for this disease, at least we can help to mitigate the spread of it with what we do. Apart from the 15 min in the shower we are in constant contact with textiles. How do we make sure that this doesn’t become one vector for the virus? By adding HeiQ Viroblock.
  • New Products
    HeiQ XReflex - Thinner, lighter, warmer
    Standard insulation systems used for garments, duvets and sleeping bags keep you warmer by increasing the volume and weight of the insulation material (down, feather, synthetic wadding). But is it efficient? Wouldn't it be smart if we could trap more heat without having to increase the amount of insulation? In other words, can the efficiency of insulation material be increased? HeiQ, together with its joint-venture partner Xefco created HeiQ XReflex, a patented radiant barrier technology that makes products thinner, lighter and warmer. HeiQ XReflex ultilises an ultra-thin reflective surface coating that reflects energetic infrared body heat waves back to the body. The radiant barrier coating is applied to one side of the fabric via a high-tech vapor deposition process that doesn’t compromise the fabric's air permeability, noise, touch, DWR, or down proof properties. The radiant barrier textiles are combined together with optimized insulation materials to produce insulated assemblies with minimal volume and weight. HeiQ XReflex is available on fabrics and non-woven scrims and lasts over 20 washes.

    Several outdoor brands such as Outdoor Research and The North Face will be launching products with HeiQ XReflex technology this fall.