New Products/02/01/2021

The new Tecnica Cochise sets new standards in high performance and versatility

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For the Winter 2021/22 season, Tecnica introduces the third generation of its Cochise ski boot, to offer the most versatile high-performance ski boot for progressive skiers and freeriders, looking for top downhill performance together with effective and comfortable hiking capability. The international judges of the ISPO Award also confirmed the outstanding versatility of this new boot by awarding the Cochise with a coveted ISPO Award 2021. “When developing the third generation of the Cochise”, explains Matteo Murer, Product Manager Tecnica Ski Boots, “we set ourselves one goal: making it the new benchmark for the category. This means the new Cochise is more powerful than ever before and with hiking capability comparable to that of a touring boot. The new Cochise combines downhill performance, versatility, snow grip, great fit and customization in one single boot.” The key characteristic of the new Cochise is its high-performance versatility, for the new generation of skiers and freeriders. The Cochise is for athletic, progressive, high-performance, on-piste skiers, who are attracted to the off-piste, as well as freeriders and mountain pros, looking for a walkable, comfortable boot with top downhill performance to achieve their full potential on off-piste lines. 

To deliver full downhill performance, the new Cochise integrates proven state-of the-art solutions and features developed for the iconic Mach1 (Tecnica’s on-piste high-performance boot) such as a PU shell with Asymmetric Power Transmission, with thicker plastic to increase support where required and to provide more lateral power transmission and increased edge grip. But what sets the Cochise apart within the category, is the new T-Ride walking system. Fully integrated into the boot design, the T-Ride System delivers a solid cuff and shell connection, better precision thanks to a longer lever arm that guarantees quicker edge-to-edge transition, increased lateral power and stability. The way the T-Ride is designed also makes it safer. The system is easy and intuitive to use and ascertain whether it’s on ‘ski’ or ‘hike’ mode. Additionally, the integrated lock system screw ensures that the mechanism stays closed even during big drops or when hitting rocks. The new T-Ride system is coupled with a new Free Move system. The redesigned hinge has a 50° range of motion and benefits from a frictionless system that allows better hiking with less effort. 

C.A.S. - Perfect Individual Fit

The new Cochise incorporates Tecnica’s proven CAS - Custom Adaptive Shape fit system. The anatomical shape of the shell and liner match the natural shape of the foot, offering superior out-of-the-box comfort and easy hiking thanks to the new folding structure on the back of the liner. But that wasn’t enough for the Tecnica designers. The dimples on the CAS Shell reduce surface tension and facilitate thermo customization, making it easier for boot fitters to fit, while the shell materials retain the customized shape better, for longer. In addition, the anatomically designed C.A.S. liners can be thermomoulded, punched and grinded for unmatched personal customization. New for the Winter 21/22 season, the CAS fit system of the Cochise now has a great new addition: The CAS Tongue can be thermoformed to perfectly match the shape of the skier’s shin, thereby preventing painful pressure points and increasing performance. 

Smart Technical Features

The versatility of this boot is the result of mixing pure performance with smart functional features that makes things safer and easier for skiers. To ensure safe and effective grip all day on the snow, the new Cochise has Vibram® Grip Walk rubber soles at the toe and heel that are connected by a rubber Arch Grip that delivers greater capability on mountain terrain, metal ladders and snowmobiles etc.  The newly redesigned buckles for walk mode, the softer instep material to make it easier to slip in and out of, and the Power Lock strap with a hook that eliminates the need to open the strap completely, allows skiers to focus on enjoying their day in the snow. Available from Autumn 2021, the Tecnica Cochise third generation line-up includes 5 models for men, 2 team models and 4 models for women, with different flex and feature options, such as a Recco® reflector and Dyn inserts. 

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