Hubert Schöffel deceased at the age of 88

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The legendary entrepreneur Hubert Schöffel passed away at the age of 88. Last Wednesday, August 8th, he fell asleep peacefully in the closest circle of his family. Schöffel senior managed the family business from Schwabmünchen for over three decades - from the late 1950s to the early 1990s.

Hubert Schöffel ist im Alter von 88 Jahren gestorben.
The outdoor industry mourns Hubert Schöffel

Hubert Schöffel, also known in the scene as "Wander-Papst", was a pioneer in the outdoor industry: in 1958 he took over the management of the Schwabmünchen-based company Schöffel in the sixth generation and managed it for over 30 years.

With his visions and his right feeling for the needs of his customers, Hubert Schöffel turned the sock distribution of the time into a successful and coveted outdoor brand that today stands for premium quality and tradition. Until the end he was an honorary board member of the management of the family business Schöffel and can still be found regularly at the company headquarters.

Numerous innovations and further developments can be traced back to Hubert Schöffel:

  • Outdoor clothing in bright colours
  • Placement of Gore-Tex products on the German market
  • Ski pants over the ski boot
  • Elastic corduroy pants
  • Zipped hiking pants

The fact that Hubert Schöffel, born in 1930, specialized in outdoor clothing is obvious when you look at his biography. His father was one of the founding members of the German Alpine Association and gave him his wanderlust.

The young Hubert Schöffel spent every weekend "from Friday morning to Monday evening in the mountains" - preferably in the Ötztal, Stubaital or Zillertal.

Seniorchef Hubert Schöffel (rechts) erzählt launig vom Aufstieg der Outdoor-Marke Schöffel. Neben ihm: Marken-Testimonial Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner. Links hinten: Der heutige Inhaber Peter Schöffel.
Schöffel senior partner Hubert Schöffel, who died on August 8, 2018, played a decisive role in the success of the family business. In autumn 2017, together with his son Peter Schöffel, he remembered the beginnings of mountain sports clothing and how the breakthrough came with Gore-Tex. ISPO.com was there.

History of Schöffel

  • 1804 Foundation of the company by Georg Schöffel (sale of socks and stockings)
  • 1950 Opening of the 1st store
  • 1961 Production of children's and men's trousers
  • 1967 Consistent conversion of production to mountain and hiking clothing
  • 1975 Market leader in hiking clothing
  • 1983 Start of the successful cooperation with Gore-Tex
  • 2017 50th anniversary of the Schöffel outdoor brand

Hubert Schöffel combined his hobby with his professional life in the 1950s. Talking to ISPO.com, he remembers: "Germany was a completely destroyed country. We only worked 50 hours a week. Gradually the fruits of this work became apparent, the first collective agreements came into force." 

The collective agreements also brought moderate prosperity, including sport and physical activity. At this point Hubert Schöffel knew that the time had come for something new: "I was determined to focus on sports, hiking and mountaineering and skiing.

The company employs around 230 people and generates annual sales of 100 million euros. It is headed by Peter Schöffel, born in 1961 - the son of Hubert Schöffel.

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