The Most Important Road Bike and Style Channels in Social Media

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The whole world is part of the social networks. And these no longer only serve for entertainment, but also for information - which of course also applies to the sports business. In the bike area there are a lot of channels that should interest users. In part 2 of the social media series, therefore looks at the road bike, hack and style channels on the net.

Road cyclists also benefit from the social media channels.
Road cyclists also benefit from the social media channels.

Selection is the magic word in social networks. Because with the right combination of social media, you can create your very own infotainment channel.

For many bike fans, this includes not only the heavily photographed road bike pictures on Instagram, but also star views or bike hacks on Youtube or race results, news and product tips on Facebook or Twitter. shows the most important channels in the road bike, bike hack and style area.

Social media and bike part 1: The most important MTB and bike travel channels

Social Media Appearances of the Road Bike Stars

petosagan @ instagram

Peter Sagan is triple world champion on the road and also one of the best in the show business, he is considered a professional with the best bike control, never at a loss for a cheeky saying, his account is also the most professionally maintained.

Vittorio Brumotti @ youtube Italian

Vittorio is probably the man with the best road bike control in the world. His stunts with the road bike most of them don't even manage with the mountain bike. His "locations" and the "tricks" on the bike are extremely creative and daring. A channel with guaranteed moist palms.

thejensie @ instagram

The Instagram account of road bike legend Jens Voigt. In his functions as team consultant, TV commentator or ambassador, the extremely entertaining expert takes you through his daily cycling routine including some insiders.


Channel for Real Road Bike Fans

officialcycling @ instagram

The daily portion for the road bike fan's tongue-flicking: Whether it's simply a high end bike that's top staged, a basic question about your personal attitude that is going to get your spirits up or simply the most beautiful tracks in the world presented - compact road bike!

Ride & Smile @ youtube English

This surprisingly freshly designed channel is actually from the UCI. If you have missed any top race, no matter which bike discipline, you will find a summary here. In addition, one is one of the first to be informed about events in the "bicycle policy" sector.

mr.pinko @ instagram

More like the photographer newcomer, but already with a big name: Stefan Rachow, alias "mr.pinko", takes pictures that impress less with effects than with the motif. Mainly he is on the road at major sporting events.

If you don't want statements or previews, but just the results of road and mountain bike races, you'll be even better off here. A video link or a forwarded tweet seldom slips between the list of placements.

Hacks and Help for Bike Experts

Seth's bike Hacks @ youtube English

One of the most helpful bike channels ever. Seth is an experienced hobby screwdriver who faces similar problems to any cyclist, but knows how to help himself with extremely clever and creative solutions and then shares them with the community. Everyone can always follow him with a basic understanding of cycling technique.

best recycling kits @ instagram

The recognized style guide when it comes to cycling clothing, also a kind of inspiration for urban cycling culture. The pictures are mostly taken by myself, but there are also some stock photos from the manufacturers.