Step by Oeko-Tex: Sustainability from Fibre to Finishing

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Step by Oeko-Tex is an independent certification system for companies in the textile chain who wish to analyse, certify and optimise their production sites with regard to sustainable and socially responsible production conditions.

Step is the further development of the well-known Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.

The Step by Oeko-Tex certificate is awarded by the Oeko-Tex Association with headquarters in Zurich. Step stands for "Sustainable Textile and Leather Production" and can be applied to production companies at all stages of the textile chain from fibre production, spinning and weaving/knitting to finishing companies and garment makers. Since 2018, the standard also explicitly includes production sites that process and manufacture leather products.

Step is the further development of the well-known Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, which refers only to the individual product and not to production.

Six Modules Are Checked

The Step by Oeko-Tex certification requires compliance with annually updated criteria in six different modules, which are relevant for the implementation of sustainable manufacturing and working conditions: Chemicals and their use, environmental performance, environmental management, social responsibility, quality management and health and safety at work.

Dr. Regina Henkel Author: Dr. Regina Henkel