ISPO Munich/01/26/2018

ISPO Munich Sports Week Is a Win-Win Situation for Sports Retailers, Brands, and Customers

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Retailers are cooperating with ISPO in the ISPO Munich Sports Week and creating a trend-setting sports and product experience for end customers. Renowned sports and outdoor retailers like Globetrotter, SportScheck, Sport Schuster, bicycle specialist Rose, and Keller Sports are convinced. A win-win situation for sports retailers, brands, ISPO, and end customers.

ISPO Munich Sports Week wants to arouse enthusiasm among customers
ISPO Munich Sports Week wants to arouse enthusiasm among customers

“In the next four days, Munich will once again become home to the sports sector,” said Klaus Dittrich, Chairman of the Management Board of Messe München GmbH, at the main press conference for ISPO Munich 2018. End customers will also get even more out of it through the ISPO Munich Sports Week.

“Consumers in the city have also been spurred to action for ISPO Munich for a long time – but mostly only at parties like the notorious Pleasure Parties,” says David Badalec, ISPO Head of Business Solutions. He’s personally pleased, however, that the ISPO Munich Sports Week has joined retailers to find a format that places greater emphasis on the sport and product experience.

Retailers, coaches, and professionals supporting customers

In times of digitization and e-commerce, retailers can set accents and offer customers something special. And there’s no doubt about it: Retailers have organized all kinds of events to present products to the customer and get into contact with new sports. At the same time, customers will get top tips from (former) professionals and coaches at several events. Naturally, the retailers will be on hand with competent advice.

For example, the evening before ISPO Munich there’ll be the ISPO Munich Night Run, several evening film screenings by Globetrotter and SportScheck, a biathlon camp by Sport Schuster (in Oberjoch), a yoga session at SportScheck, and lots of bike workshops in the Rose Biketown.

Getting customers excited about sports

One exclusive experience is at Keller Sports: “Together with ISPO Munich, we’re bringing the latest trends in the sporting goods industry to the city for our customers,” says Keller Sports CEO Marcus Trute.

That’s because Keller Sports is presenting this year’s ISPO Awards for the five “Products of the Year” in its Munich store. Customers can thus “take a look behind the scenes and see the trends and innovations of the next season.” In addition, there’s the opportunity to participate in Keller Sports’ free sports offerings, says Trute.

Simone Heer, Event Manager at Globetrotter Munich: “If we manage to bring the trade fair into the city, then the end consumer can also participate.” She’s hoping for more frequency in the country and an image gain with customers meant to perceive Globetrotter as “likeable, innovative, and trendy.”

“We’re confident that many new customers will notice us, and that ISPO Munich will thus become a part of the city this week,” says Gebhard Herzog, store manager of Rose Biketown Munich. Herzog also wants to make sure that the Rose events during the ISPO Munich Sports Week get as many people interested in cycling as possible.

Trute of Keller Sports concurs: “If all parties involved succeed together in helping us connect as many people as possible with sports and get them actively excited about, it will be a complete success.”

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