Focus Area for Climbing and Bouldering in Hall A6

Indoor Climbing Hub at OutDoor by ISPO: With Olympic Boost to the Top

Climbing and bouldering will be the focus of the Indoor Climbing Hub - one of the focus areas at OutDoor by ISPO (30th of June to 3rd of July). In Hall A6, high-profile guests from the IOC and IFSC will discuss the future of climbing. Innovative bouldering halls from all over the world introduce themselves. An overview.

Indoor Climbing Hub

It's done! At the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo, for the first time there will be climbing competitions for medals. This huge opportunity for the climbing industry casts its shadow a year earlier at the OutDoor by ISPO.

Olympic climbing will also be a topic at the Indoor Climbing Hub in Hall A6. High-profile representatives of both the IOC and the International Sports Climbing Federation IFSC, as well as athletes and coaches, will take part in a panel discussion to answer critical questions about the Olympic development in climbing. After all, the next decisions are already due in June: Then the IOC will decide whether climbing will remain an Olympic sport at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

You will find a detailed overview of the schedule in our event calendar.

Innovative Bouldering Halls Introduced

In addition, experts will give the industry exclusive "Climbing Gym Insights" with precise figures and topics that move the industry:

  • How is the market developing?
  • What are the potentials in the cities?
  • How can new target groups be accessed?

Speakers from the international climbing scene provide the answers.

Bill Zimmermann, CEO of the Climbing Wall Association (CWA), will report on developments in the North American climbing hall market, present the results of the latest CWA study and explain how the association represents the interests of over 200 commercial climbing halls in North America.

Another focal point of the Indoor Climbing Hub is the trend sport of bouldering. Where is the bouldering hall landscape developing? What is the development on the market like and which concepts are trend-setting? We present four outstanding bouldering hall concepts like Tokyo's B-Pump or The Climbing Hangar from Liverpool.


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