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valuable skills you can learn in your yoga practice

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Yoga basically goes deeper than the physical exercises that most know as yoga. This is because the essence of yoga is meditation. Nevertheless, the physical aspect of yoga is also extremely valuable. Because everything starts in the body. And yoga not only helps you get fully into your health and strength, but it also helps you develop various skills that you can apply to other sports and your overall life.

Yoga Is More than Sport

In yoga you learn to live more mindfully and consciously, to engage with yourself and your body every day anew, and to develop a deep trust in life. Modern yoga is mostly associated with movement, but the bottom line is that finding that physical and mental stillness will benefit you the most. Yoga offers many benefits for both your physical and mental health.

I myself have been practicing yoga for five years. And I've been teaching it for about the same length of time. After just a few months, I realized that yoga is so much more than just movement. I combine different yoga styles - from sporty active to passive relaxed - because in my opinion they all have their advantages.

That's why I'm sharing with you here eight valuable skills that I've been able to develop or refine through my regular yoga practice.

These Are the Skills You Can Learn in Yoga for Life

  1. Find your balance
  2. Body awareness
  3. Go with the flow
  4. More efficiency
  5. Mindfulness
  6. Patience
  7. Confidence in your abilities
  8. Emotional resilience

Find Your Balance

If you are new to yoga, you will notice that some exercises are still rather difficult for you. Yoga feels unfamiliar to your body at first. This is because it involves movements that you would not normally do in your everyday life.

And exactly therein lies the great advantage! This is how you can optimally balance one-sided movement, breathing and thought cycles from your everyday life and return to your full physical and mental balance.

In yoga, we always try to find the balance to what stresses you in your everyday life. And this ability to always find your own personal balance will make your entire life easier.


Body Awareness

Through the unique mind-body connection of yoga, you will experience a whole new level of body awareness. Through regular yoga practice, you will refine not only the movement patterns in yoga itself, but everywhere in your everyday life.

Your brain learns to differentiate exactly where your body parts move in space, when and how - and at some point without having to look to check.

People who practice yoga regularly therefore move more elegantly overall, straighten up more and more to their full height, and injure themselves less often because their body awareness becomes more refined.


Go with the Flow

In yoga, you learn relatively quickly to go with your own personal flow. Because no day is the same and so is your physical and mental condition. You learn to know yourself and your needs better and to manage your energy balance more sensibly.

We don't force anything in yoga and we don't strain ourselves. We move with ease and joy - sometimes less, sometimes more. Just as it is right for you. And this ability is priceless for your whole life!


More Efficiency

Through yoga, you become more efficient - in every sport and in every one of your everyday movements. Through conscious breathing in combination with targeted movements, you improve your breathing efficiency, so you can convert more oxygen and thus have significantly more energy available overall.

You'll also release tension and relieveback or joint pain that would otherwise cost you a lot of energy. A regular yoga practice increases your prana, or life energy. And once you feel it, you won't want to miss it!



Mindfulness is a skill that can completely change your whole life. In yoga, you practice being fully in the moment and here with all your senses. Because this moment is the only one in which your life is really happening. Not in the future and not in the past.

That's why yoga helps you to enjoy your whole life more again. It doesn't take higher, further, faster, but simply more presence in this one moment that is your life to be truly deeply fulfilled and happy.



Yoga teaches you to be patient. Especially if you are new to yoga, you will still have difficulties to perform the movements with ease or to fully switch off mentally.

And that's perfectly fine. You'll learn to accept where you are right now, and enjoy every bit of progress you'll inevitably make over the course of yours. Patience is a virtue. The people around you will also immediately reflect this pleasant ability back to you.


Confidence in Your Abilities

Through regular yoga practice, you'll not only strengthen your body awareness, but also your confidence in your own abilities. Once you've stood on your hands for a few seconds, you won't doubt that you'll rock your next business meeting or sales pitch.

You can do so much more than you think. And you have by no means exhausted your full potential. The yoga path will accompany you into your full inner greatness.


Emotional Resilience

Lastly, I'd like to touch on one of the absolute best skills you can strengthen through a regular and intentional yoga practice: your emotional resilience. Yoga has been proven to lower your stress levels and balance your nervous system.

This will enable you to react more calmly in future stressful situations and to remain more easily in your inner peace. And since the future of all of us is quite uncertain in view of the many crises of mankind, this is perhaps the ability that could save your life or at least your peace of mind at some point.