Sports Business/03/19/2020

Keller Sports Takes Action in Response to Corona Crisis

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As a result of the Corona crisis, the sports retailer Keller Sports has decided to stop accepting goods. Managing director Marcus Trute calls the sports industry to show unity.

Der Keller Sports Brand Experience Store hier ganz im Zeichen von Nike Women: Auf dem Bild wird die neue Nike Metallic Sheen Collection präsentiert.
Keller Sports is reacting to the corona crisis.

"The massive drop in demand in the sports and lifestyle market is clearly noticeable. This will not only mean massive changes and adjustments in the stationary area, but also for online retailers", writes Marcus Trute, Managing Director Keller Sports. "We communicate our development very transparently, in order to make it easier for the entire market, to draw any conclusions and to make forecasts for the next weeks and months."

After a very successful year 2019 with a 77% increase compared to 2018, Keller Sports had a good start into 2020 despite the warm winter from January 1 to February 29. With the beginning of March 13, Keller Sports "recorded a decline in sales compared to the previous year through the weekend until March 15 of 7%. Now we are unfortunately in an environment of rapidly increasing uncertainty with border closures, curfews and disaster scenarios."

No Further Deliveries to Keller Sports

Keller Sports does not share optimistic reports of a booming online trade as a consequence, since the company assumes that this only applies to consumer goods and not to sports and textile products.

„We are optimistic that we will continue to work positively on the market with our assets and general strategy even after the crisis. As an innovative online company, we have a good setup and see potential.“

Nevertheless, Keller Sports is forced to take drastic measures regarding open orders and order planning: „We will approach every supplier with a cool head and the necessary calm. First of all, the general rule is that no deliveries can take place until further notice.“

Keller Sports Calls for Cooperation

Keller Sports appeals to the entire sports trade, industry, purchasing associations, market analysts, etc.: "Let us collect and share data transparently in order to look into the future as best as possible with this situation and to be able to derive forecasts every day!“

In this situation, „it only works as a team, as the sport has taught us.“