Sports Business/02/07/2018

Previous Digital Manager Philip Krätzig becomes Head of Marketing

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Blackyak creates a new position for the international brand presence in Europe and North America: Philip Krätzig becomes Head of Marketing at the South Korean brand. Previously, the 35-year-old was digital manager at Blackyak.

Philip Krätzig – new Head of Marketing at Blackyak
Philip Krätzig – new Head of Marketing at Blackyak

Philip Krätzig has held this position since 2016, but Blackyak's range of tasks has grown enormously since then due to the advancing globalization. "We view our brand communication holistically according to the principle of multi-touch point marketing," says Maximilian Nortz, Managing Director International Business at Blackyak. It is therefore only logical to entrust Philip Krätzig with these tasks.

The aim of Blackyak and Krätzig's mission is to make the brand "better known and, above all, more tangible" in Europe and North America. We want our customers to be able to convince themselves of our products - the quality and features speak for themselves," says Krätzig. He is very pleased about the trust and the chance to make a traditional brand like Blackyak known globally.


Philip Krätzig to make Blackyak globally known

Krätzig will work closely with product development in order to make new collections and innovations known to the market as quickly as possible. 

As a South Korean brand, Blackyak is headquartered in Munich for Europe and North America. The brand has already won 19 ISPO Awards. Learn more about Blackyak here.  

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