A Bold and Positive Statement

ISPO Textrends: The Spring/Summer 2022 Color Palette

Confidence colludes with strong hues with ISPO Textrends Core color palette taking on a strong distinctive base, complemented by four contrasting satellite palettes.

The launch of the ISPO Textrends Spring/Summer 2022 color trends falls under the overall inspiration of the rehumanizing mood. There is a move towards a new soft and kind appeal that still has vigor, as we continue to embrace digitalization but maintain the integrity and creativity that humans bring.  A balanced and harmonized path is required, as we move forward, working digitalization to our advantage, whilst maintaining our unique ID.

Be Creative

From ingredient brands, brand developers and designers can mix’n’match the season’s color offering with existing bestselling seasonal tones. Brands, you know you customers, you know your product range, work the colors as to how you see fit. We don’t have to be sheep, brands need to take creative control pulling from in-house ideas as well as what is suggested. We aren’t dedicating a key for the season, we want to provide a springboard in creating innovative collections and overcoming the sameness that global consumers bemoan of.

Discover more than 240 textile products as well as the complete trend information and color palettes for Fall/Winter 2022/23 and Spring/Summer 2023.

The digital Trendbook features:
✓ More than 240 of the most innovative materials selected by the jury ✓ All products with clickable contacts and company details
✓ 3 Mega Trends for Fall/Winter 2022/23
✓ 5 Textile Trends for Fall/Winter 2022/23
✓ General Color Chart for Fall/Winter 2022/23
✓ Preview on Textile Trends for Spring/Summer 2023 and color cards

Sharing is the new caring, which is why ISPO Textrends is regarded as the starting point for the new season, with colors, Mega Trends and textile trends released in preparation for the product applications that will be displayed at ISPO Textrends Outdoor by ISPO and ISPO Shanghai.

With so much focus on previous seasons on sustainability, creativity was put on the back burner, and now it is back, especially with the use of this season’s color palettes. Consider the luminosity and brilliance that these tones can bring through glossy membranes and deep matte surfaces. Play with tones as accents or solids, working with trims and unique yarn-dyed effects.

Kicking off the Spring/Summer 2022 Season with the CORE Color Palette

There is a new sophistication emerging in the CORE palette for Spring/Summer 2022, as a sharper delivery of neutrals and recurring best-selling tones get a kick to them. These are strong nuances that make the backbone of the collections for apparel, footwear, soft equipment through to accessories. Worked matte or bright, the perfection of this palette renews our faith in control and confidence with solid undertones.

Four Satellite Palettes complement the Core palette, designed to interchange with the satellite colors. Used as accents or solids, interplay with the season’s hues to enhance the creativity that we are seeking.

CORE color palette


K-pop inspired, this is a bittersweet, sharp direction. Cool touch fabrics feature in a refreshing approach for a chill factor. A synthetic mood that can easily interplay with the core palette. Work it fully, work it matte, work it bright, but most of all work it in a way that it will pop!

Chillin color palette


Disruption is becoming ubiquitous in today's world, and this palette takes a divisive use of bold and neon tones creating a rebellious spirit, and a 'bring it on' attitude. Clashing, combative, chaotic in prints and yarn-dyed effects or just using a tone as a solid, the identity of this palette is positively kicking.

Rowdy color palette


White is a key component for the Spring/Summer season but it is the flashes of primary tones offered in a new metallic level that catches the light. Irregularity rules, but there is also a geometry coming through. There is a method in its madness, in delivering a new glistening direction for the season. Not just for textiles, let's take this to a new level in trims and accessories. 

Flicker color palette


Nature harmoniously sings out, but whilst classic natural tones feature on the core palette, the focus here is taken up a notch as we look to exotic and vibrant tones and. A new depth to indigo features, complementing the importance of nature, as inspiration is crucial in maintaining our connection with the true wonders of the world.

Symphony color palette
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