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Winter sports and fun park offer from Sierra Nevada via Seiser Alm to Sweden

The Best Snowparks for Freestyle Snowboarders and Freeskiers in Europe

Freestylers don’t have to travel across the pond to find perfect snowparks. Europe offers snowboarders and freeskiers a large selection of parks. From Spain and Scandinavia to the furthest corner of the Alps, pure freestyle fun awaits you here. These are the seven top snowparks in Europe every freestyle snowboarder and freeskier has to visit.

Der Superpark Planai im österreichischen Schladming ist eines der Snowpark-Highlights in Europa.
The Planai Superpark in Schladming, Austria, is one of the snowpark highlights in Europe.

Snowparks are becoming more and more popular with freeriders and freestyle boarders. In our series, we show the best snowparks in the world. Here: Europe’s best snowparks.

Mottolino Fun Mountain Livigno

Somewhat hidden between Switzerland and South Tyrol lies the freestyle paradise of Livigno. The Mottolino Fun Mountain is a playground for action sports enthusiasts all year round.

Mountain bikers get their money’s worth in the summer, while in winter a huge snowpark with four different lines from XL-S makes pros and amateur freestylers happy. Livigno has been the venue for several international snowboard and freeski events over the last few decades, and serves as a training park for many pro riders every winter.

Where: Italy, Livigno
Length: 600 m
Setup: 62 obstacles
Lift pass: €49
Opening times: 11/30/2019 - 04/30/2020

Superpark Planai: Something for Everyone

As the name suggests, the snowpark in Planai comes with superlatives! Although the park isn’t excessively long, it offers a large selection of boxes, rails, pipes, kickers, and banked rides for all skill levels.

The large easy and medium line offers countless possibilities for beginners and intermediate riders to try new tricks.

Where: Austria, Schladming
Length: 500 m
Setup: Over 30 obstacles
Lift pass: €53.50
Opening times: 12/01/2019 - 04/19/2020

Les Deux Alpes: Top Snowpark in Summer and Winter

The snowpark of Les Deux Alpes near Grenoble attracts freestylers in both summer and winter. The summer camps are legendary! In the winter, the park area extends over several sections designed for beginners and pros. The Easy Park offers optimal conditions for beginners, the Slopestyle and Big Air sections have been developed for advanced riders, and everyone can put themselves to the test on the halfpipe and the boardercross.

Where: France, Les Deux Alpes
Length: Varies
Setup: Varies
Lift pass: €51
Opening times: 10/26/2018 - 04/25/2020

Snowpark Sulayr: Sun and Snow in Spain

Very few people think of snowboarding or skiing in Spain, and instead more of sun, beach, and sea. But in Spain there are high mountains, too, and the Sierra Nevada is guaranteed to have snow. At 2,100 meters, a huge snowpark stretches over 2.5 kilometer and makes sure that a run could be the best of your life.

Divided into eight different sections, 70 obstacles are waiting to be shredded. Combined with the many hours of sunshine in Spain, this makes the park a real shredding paradise.

Where: Spain, Andalusia
Length: 2.5 km
Setup: 70 obstacles
Lift pass: €36.50
Opening times: 12/01/2018 - 08/04/2020

Number One in Sweden: Kläppen

We’re heading to the far north to Scandinavia, more precisely to the middle of Sweden, to Kläppen. The Snowpark Kläppen was voted best in the country nine years in a row, and with the amount of successful Scandinavian freestylers, that definitely means something. The snowpark is divided into individual parks for different skill levels and therefore has a large selection of obstacles and runs for every freerider.

Where: Sweden, Sälen
Length: Varies
Setup: Varies
Lift pass: €35
Opening times: 12/13/2019 - 04/13/2020

Snowpark Seiser Alm: The Best Views

The training ground of the Italian freestyle national team is situated in the picturesque Dolomites on the Schlern. The Seiser Alm park stretches over 1.5 kilometers and, with 70 obstacles, is one of the largest snowparks in Europe. The varied lines consisting of easy, medium, and pro lines make the hearts of snowboarders and freeskiers beat faster. A special feature of the Seiser Alm park is the Wood Line, where all obstacles are made of wood.

Where: Italy, Schlern
Length: 1.5 km
Setup: 70 obstacles
Lift pass: €56
Opening times: 12/21/2019 - 04/14/2020

Snowpark Vierli in Norway: The Entire Mountain Is a Single Park

The Norwegian freestylers are at the top of the World Snowboard Tour, in part because of their good training options. One popular park is the Snowpark Vierli west of Oslo. The entire mountain is a single park here, and thanks to the guaranteed snow in the cold north, the park is perfect throughout the season. The selection of obstacles is large and provides plenty of variety.

Where: Norway, Rauland
Length: 750 m
Setup: Over 20 obstacles
Lift pass: €39
Opening times: 12/22/2019 - 04/12/2020

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