Fiber innovations for Fall-Winter 2021/22 by Thermore

Ecodown® Fibers 2.0: The new super puffy blow-in fiber by Thermore

The revolutionary Ecodown® Fibers 2.0 is a super puffy blown fiber product suitable for wider baffle widths (up to 20cm). It offers amazing loft and visuals that are unmatched in the industry, still Thermore's proprietary technology regulates the warmth and avoids over-heating, thus keeping users comfortable.

Founded in 1972 and based in Milan, Italy, Thermore is specialized in research, development, production and marketing of high quality thermal insulation for apparel. For a long time, Thermore focused on rolled products only and then entered the free fiber market in 2018 with the original Ecodown® Fibers line. The industry finally had a free fiber product that offered softness and warmth but with excellent durability. Thermore firmly believes that blow-in fibers represent the future of the insulation market.

Thermore was founded in 1972 with headquarters in Milan, a city well noted as one of the leaders in global fashion and design.

Thermore is the first global insulation company in the world to expand blown-in fibers into a full collection. “With the new technology, we want to fulfill most of designers’ needs and even dreams”, a Thermore spokesperson explains.

Ecodown® Fibers 2.0: Perfect for maximum volume

Thermores exploration of the Ecodown® Fibers platform brings free fibers to the next level. Ecodown® Fibers 2.0 delivers extreme volume with large baffle sizes of up to 20 cm, thus extending the usage of this product category. This thermal insulation is designed to allow maximum loft and visual appeal without compromising durability. It is also developed to technically avoid overheating through a proprietary technology that dissipates the excess heat, matching technology and comfort with fashion trends.

Ecodown® Fibers 2.0, matching technology and comfort with fashion trends.

No clumping due to the multi-shape structure

Durability is paramount at Thermore and Ecodown® Fibers have been designed to avoid clumping and cold spots after washing. This superior performance can be achieved thanks to the unique multi-shape structure which avoids fibers crossing together.
The Thermore technology allows garments keeping highly efficient and long lasting thermal properties over several washing circles.

Fibers must be blown into garment by using fully automatic machines and of course hand stuff is not allowed. And, in order to guarantee quality of the finished products, Thermore launched the Ecodown® Fibers Factory Audit System with more than 200 vendors in Asia being audited as of today.

Ecodown® Fibers must be blown into garments and they are durable.

Sustainable thanks to 100% recycled fibers from post-consumer PET plastic bottles

Since the very beginning, all Ecodown® Fibers are made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled PET bottles. This choice in terms of sustainable raw materials allows the reuse of a considerable number of PET bottles, which would have otherwise ended their useful life as waste in a landfill. Outerwear insulated with Ecodown® Fibers can save up to 10 bottles per garment.
With a fill power of over 600, Thermore Ecodown® Fibers offers a great alternative to real down without any animal suffering.

Expanded product range to meet everybody’s needs

After launching the first two versions of Ecodown® Fibers, Ecodown® Fibers Loft for puffy jackets and Ecodown® Fibers Soft with a super silky touch, in 2019 Thermore added color to the mix with Black. 2020 was the right time to bring the free fiber platform to the next level introducing Light and 2.0.

Thermore is now offering a full-force product line with 5 different free fibers items. This new Collection of Ecodown® Fibers products has evolved to meet the specific needs of various markets and offers something for everyone.

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