“Sons of a Blast”: Salomon Concept Enables Intense Skiing Experiences for Everyone

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Salomon is sure of it: Everybody can experience the “blast,” i.e. that fun feeling of speed on the slopes. With the new “Sons of a Blast” concept, Salomon is also supplying the entire package for specialty retailers. In cooperation with athletes such as Günther Mader and Matthias Lanzinger, the company has developed the S/Max and S/Race collections, which, thanks to new technology in the interaction of ski and ski boot, are characterized by reliable power transmission to the edges. Johannes Schumann, Salomon ski expert and Territory Commercial Manager Salomon Winter Sports Equipment, explains how consumer engagement is set to succeed.

Precision on the edges: The new Salomon Pistenski are convincing due to their high performance
Precision on the edges: The new Salomon Pistenski are convincing due to their high performance

Skiing on the slopes is the pure experience of speed, adrenaline, and fun. To inspire even more people to enjoy great skiing moments on prepared terrain, Salomon has developed the new S/Max and S/Race ski collections, a total package developed for the discerning skier who wants more than just getting down the slope. The ski equipment consisting of skis, ski boots, ski binding, and accessories combined with new technology enable a perfect interplay of acceleration, carving, power, control, and risk: “Skiing is made up of these sensory impressions ,” says Johannes Schumann.

Salomon provides an entire package with “Sons of a Blast”

Salomon lends a name to the thrill of skiing (the “blast”) and creates the corresponding concept with “Sons of a Blast.” “What’s special about the new concept is that we aren’t just talking about a single product or technology, but about an integrated package,” says Johannes Schumann. The consumer is engaged by the new story because it gets down to their roots. It’s this feeling that brings the passionate skier onto the slopes in the first place.

Salomon ski expert Johannes Schumann
Johannes Schumann, Territory Commercial Manager Salomon Wintersportsequipment
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Thus far, the “blast” has been reserved for only the best skiers. With the new S/Max and S/Race piste collections, Salomon aims to provide the perfect skiing experience for a wider audience. That’s because everybody can experience the “blast,” that crazy feeling on the skis: “We don’t want to appeal just to the racer or just to the beginner,” says Schumann, “but to reach the skiers in our communication on the ‘downhill sensation.’” Together with top athletes like Günther Mader, Matthias Lanzinger, and Davide Simoncelli, the company has taken a close look and recognized: Full power transmission from the skier to the edges requires precise technology.

The heart of the new collection is the Edge Amplifier technology 

Thanks to the Edge Amplifier technology, the newly designed ski and binding system and the heart of all Salomon piste skis, the power is directed directly to the edges of the ski. The result is perfect grip and efficient carving. Skiers can feel the contact with the snow. Easier control of the ski means more safety, regardless of the speed and slope conditions.

The low-snow winters of the past few seasons have given a new boost to piste skiing. “Customers are once again looking for more on-piste skis that offer a lot of safety and edge retention on hard, prepared slopes or artificial snow,” says Schumann. Salomon is adapting to these needs with the new skis. The shape of the ski enables extremely precise performance on hard snow and helps the skier to discover their own “blast sensation” – a rhythmic gliding away at their own feel-good speed.

Specialty retail will receive a comprehensive social media package for consumer activation

Why should specialty retail choose the S/Max and S/Race? “The skis make everyone a better skier and enhance the fun of skiing with improved control, faster feedback, and exceptional edge retention,” says Johannes Schumann. Retailers are being prepared for the sale of new products and technologies with training. “More important, however, is consumer activation starting in January 2018, which we will focus on with Salomon as a brand that is active 365 days a year,” says Schumann.

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The retailer will receive a comprehensive social media package for consumer activation that can be played across all channels. They’ll be given full marketing support with concept, implementation, and execution (including reach budget) by Salomon and its partner agencies. “Of course our retail partners will be integrated into the sell out start,” Schumann adds. In addition, the consumer will catch sight of the product. The image film “The Art of the Turn” symbolizes the perfect skiing experience – authentically presented by the “Sons of a Blast” community involved in the development of the skis.

Changing consumer behavior: Hardware alone won’t cut it any more

“We want to adapt to changing consumer behavior and take it seriously together with our retail partners,” says Schumann. Consumers are looking for sexy brands they can identify with, touch, and equip themselves from head to toe. “Hardware alone won’t cut it any more,” says Schumann. Consumers want to interact with the brand, which means that Salomon attaches great importance to digitization within the company.

The fact that the new skis are also available for rent also makes sense. “Access to winter sports need to remain easy – but rental is also a very good institution,” says Schumann. Salomon will also be present with the new skis at test events: in Germany at the All On Snow Tour, in Austria at the test tour for the Salomon and Atomic brands and in Switzerland at the SSO Ski Tests for all brands.

As a complete outfitter, Salomon provides not just the skis, but also the entire package: ski boots that maximize edge retention in combination with skis and binding, ski goggles that guarantee optimum visibility even in poor visibility conditions thanks to the increased color contrast, and the S/LAB White Fire jacket that adapts to any weather thanks to high-quality technical elements.

Salomon hears the signs of the times: Skiing on the slopes has never been more intense than with the new technology: “Blast sensations” on every single turn!