The innovative collection with Aloe Vera from KCA-LAB


Nature supports Sports. The innovative collection with Aloe Vera from KCA-LAB has been produced in Europe using renewable energies such as solar power.  Full freedom of movement and a high level of comfort is what characterizes every single piece. Aloe Vera is known for its cleansing and hydrating properties, making it a natural moisturizer. This new Aloe Vera skin care refinement is activated by movement and brings you and your skin into balance. The hydrating material cares for the skin and provides it with a pleasant feeling of moisture with every movement. The collection consists of three workout sets (bra and leggings) combined with a tank top and running jacket for creating a complete look.

The highlight of the collection is the dark grey set, which is also ideal for during or after pregnancy. The bra top which has no fastener for an irresistible softness offers the option of removable pads for optimum fit and comfort. The leggings are constructed with a high, extra-wide waistband offering absolute freedom of movement and full coverage with over-the-belly support for during or after pregnancy. The almost seamless design with slight compression, together with the soft, functional and at the same time caring material mix, offers maximum wearing comfort and is therefore an absolute must-have for sports such as yoga or Pilates but also in everyday life!

KCA-LAB Founders

The three sisters and founders of the premium label KCA-LAB have been producing lifestyle activewear made from a combination of high-quality, functional and sustainable materials after the mantra "Strong on your own - unstoppable together!" The goal is to use both durable and high-quality materials in order to fully meet the topic of sustainability as a corporate principle and to see it not only as a philosophy in all areas of life, but also to actively live it. The label has been producing exclusively in Portugal and Turkey since 2020 and annually produces two high-quality, small collections that can be perfectly combined with each other.

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