Salomon releases new All-Mountain Frontside Collection

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Skiers know what they want: gear that is adaptable and versatile. But where do they actually get that? With the new All-Mountain Frontside Collection, complete outfitter Salomon, really fulfills this aspiration: to perfectly kit skiers out from head to toe for every ski day. Whether prepared pistes, inconsistent slopes, or powder snow – the All-Mountain Collection equips the skier for all conditions. 

Skiers in Salomon equipment
The new All-Mountain collection guarantees fun on and off-piste.

Passionate skiers want one thing more than anything else: to have fun doing their favorite winter sport. To run smoothly, skiing needs not only enough snow but also the appropriate equipment. Versatile, adaptable, functional, and cool: True to its brand motto “Time to play,” Salomon presents its new All-Mountain Frontside Collection – “with the aspiration to really live up to the name ‘All-Mountain’ ,” as Johannes Schumann, Territory Commercial Manager Salomon Winter Sports Equipment, explains.

Whether on piste or off – explore the entire ski resort with the all-mountain collection.

“With our products, which are perfectly coordinated with each other, we want to enable our customers to have the best time they have ever had in the snow,” explains Salomon ski expert Johannes Schumann. From beginners to experts, from piste enthusiasts to ground lovers: The new collection fulfills all the wishes of skiers who feel just as comfortable on piste as they do off piste, but don’t want to have to pick a side when it comes to equipment. 

The new products are suitable for both prepared pistes as well inconsistent slopes and short sections in the deep snow. Versatile and adaptable up to the smallest detail!

As an all-round supplier, Salomon kits out skiers from head to toe for every single ski day of the year – something unique in the market. “Our product designers are able to fall back on Salomon’s many years of expertise when it comes to the perfect fit in the areas of ski boots, helmets, and glasses,” says Schumann. 

Using innovative materials and technologies, the team utilizes know-how from all product areas. Therefore, the new products have a greater affinity to the consumer than anything else, as the Salomon Community is directly involved in the development.

Salomon ski expert Johannes Schumann
Johannes Schumann, Territory Commercial Manager Salomon Wintersportsequipment
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Little effort required, even in difficult snow and piste conditions

“Currently on the all-mountain market there are only piste skis, which are only slightly broader and work well on tough, prepared pistes but don’t really allow the skier to explore the whole ski resort,” says Johannes Schumann. With the X-Race SW and W-Max 10, Salomon has managed to develop “real” all-mountain skis based on experiences from the backcountry area.

The energy required should be kept as low as possible – even in difficult snow and piste conditions. The descent is obviously the focus! It can be rapid and release a real adrenaline rush, because you can rely on the material.

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“With Protectives, we are releasing a completely newly designed visor helmet that combines functionality with style, and no longer looks like the classic visor helmet that we’ve all known up to now,” says Johannes Schumann. The product is extremely safe, as Salomon has surpassed the standard requirements for ski helmets. 

With helmets, the fit is incredibly important: A helmet only fits perfectly if you forget you are wearing it when skiing. Salomon ski goggles don’t only adapt to the skier’s face via the Custom ID Fit, but also to the weather. 

The photochromic lenses react to changing light conditions. For comfortable temperatures underneath the clothing, the innovative ventilation system provides efficient air circulation – and adapts to drafty ski lift rides and sweaty descents. 

Salomon boot fitting – fitting the inner shoe and the outer shell

Fit is therefore the magic word: especially when it comes to boot fitting. Salomon has been the market leader in the ski boots industry since day one. 

“The human foot is a very complex construction from the ground up and, due to the individual anatomy of every person, a mass-produced ski boot will never be the perfect solution for a skier,” explains the ski expert at Salomon, Johannes Schumann. To deal with the impulse transmission whilst skiing, there is a need for as close a fitting shoe as possible. 

How Salomon Boot Fitting works

Salomon has developed a solution for the perfect fit: Salomon Boot Fitting, where not only the inner shoes but also the skis on the ski boots can be customized. “With the adaptable shell and inner shoe technology, we want to make sure the ski boot offers as much room as possible so it doesn’t restrict and so the foot stays warm even in cold temperatures – yet every impulse is still transferred directly to the skis,” says Schumann. 

With the Custom Fit and Custom Shell technologies, Salomon provides a fit that, for a long time, was only available for racers. This double fitting lasts around three quarters of an hour and is available in every winter sport specialist shop, whose specialist staff have carried out extensive training.

Warm feet thanks to integrated heating elements

“We’ve looked carefully at the needs of the customers and developed perfectly adapted products with this knowledge,” emphasizes Johannes Schumann. Sunshine, fresh snow, and perfectly-prepared pistes make a perfect ski day, but that is not the case all year round. 

Cold feet are the pet peeve on stormy days with bad weather. The new all-mountain ski boots X PRO Custom Heat W convince with their integrated heat elements, which make cold feet a thing of the past. And Salomon has also listened in another area: Using the ski and walk mechanism in the new ski boots, it is now possible to walk comfortably to the lift or back to the parking lot.

Comfort, versatility and adaptability – what else can a passionate skier expect from their ski equipment?

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