Action Sports/03/31/2020

Sport Despite Corona Crisis: The Best Links for Bike Fans

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The corona crisis is hitting hard. At the same time there are many encouraging actions and ideas from the outdoor and sports world for athletes and for health and exercise in society. collects the best online ideas for bike fans and bike enthusiasts. shows special projects and links for bikers during corona crisis.

Next Level Home Office - How Fabio Wibmer "works" from home

What is better than being locked up at home and doing nothing? Being locked up at home and shooting a spectacular bike action clip! That's what happened during the last four weeks at the house of bike and YouTube star Fabio Wibmer in Innsbruck. In "Home Office" the Austrian shows once again how much creativity and skill he has to offer. 


Stay at home, contain the coronavirus and soon be able to rock the trails properly again: Mountain biker Korbinian Engstler has created the #StayAtHomeBikeChallenge together with his friend Stefan Riedlinger. Meanwhile there are numerous pictures and videos on Instagram, which show how creative you can train with your bike at home.

Special incentive to participate: Korbinian's sponsor R Raymon raffles one of his bikes among all participants.

Film Tips for Racing Cyclists

For the "pastime in the home office or distraction with unusually long workouts on the home trainer", the editorial staff of Europe's largest racing bike magazine TOUR has compiled the best films and series for racing cyclists on its website.

Virtual Yoga classes for cyclists

Cycling these days means loneliness in the saddle. Veloine offers variety in training with its Virtual Yoga classes, specially designed for the needs of cyclists.

Indoor Cycling

RGT Cycling's digital cycling platform has announced that in response to the Corona pandemic, it is making all its premium features available free of charge. Classic racing bikes such as the Mont Ventoux and Passo Stelvio can thus be virtually conquered by all customers free of charge.

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