Fitness boxing: Here's why it's so effective

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Lets get ready to rumble - more and more fitness enthusiasts are turning into Rocky Balboa in the gym and really stepping on the gas at the pads and punching bag. Not without reason: fitness boxing is a highly effective training method for getting in shape and losing excess pounds. informs.

Boxen ohne Gegner, Ganzkörperworkout bei Frauen und Männern
Boxen ohne Gegner, Ganzkörperworkout bei Frauen und Männern

Fitness boxing: what is it exactly?

Simply speaking, it is nothing more than boxing without an opponent. Instead of competing against each other in the ring or in so-called sparring, fitness boxing is mainly limited to training the techniques learned.

Boring? Far from it. Once you've hit the punching bag, you'll find there's hardly a better way to blow off steam. And with partner work with the hand pads, the so-called Pratzen, it can be shifted afterwards still another gear higher. The ideal way to relieve stress and get in shape at the same time.

What makes boxing training so effective?

Whether basic endurance, speed or flexibility - the entire body is trained in a variety of ways. The fact that calories are also burned - up to 800 per hour - and the excess pounds just tumble is a welcome side effect. But what makes fist-swinging such an effective workout?

It's primarily the combination of basic endurance and explosive movements that challenge the muscles and nervous system, so that a high training stimulus is set. At the same time, coordination and sense of balance are also increasingly addressed with advanced technique, which requires a maximum of concentration and additionally benefits the effectiveness.

Last but not least, the fun factor plays a major role in fitness boxing. If you are looking for reliable recipes for staying on the ball in sports, you will find them in boxing. After three to four weeks of training at the punching bag at the latest, you should feel the physical effect: in your figure, strength, explosiveness and condition. You feel fit all around.

For whom is Box Fitness suitable?

In general, the sport is suitable for everyone. As with all sports, however, beginners should have a brief health check before they start training.

Although classic boxing has always been considered a male domain, the fitness variant also seems to meet with great interest among the ladies. Experts see psychological aspects as the main reason, in addition to the fast training results. The Hamburg boxing trainer Christian Görisch explains to Men's Health: "These courses use practically every muscle group, improve endurance, rapid strength and power endurance, and also train the psyche". So not only the body is strengthened, but also self-confidence.


Fitness boxing: suitable for everyone
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What are the variants?

If fitness boxing was offered until a few years ago mainly in boxing clubs, the trend is now also in most gyms on the training schedule. Here you are now spoiled for choice, because the courses often differ in terms of the selection of exercises. Here is an overview of the most important variants:

  • Box-Conditioning: comes closest to classic boxing - training with sandbag and claws.
  • Box Aerobics: Boxing techniques are performed synchronously to music, high aerobic content.
  • Tae Bo: Here, training is also done to music. Aerobic and kickboxing exercises are included.
  • Body Combat: Combines elements from different martial arts.
  • Thai boxing: Classic boxing techniques are combined with kicks, knee strikes and holding techniques.


Fitness boxing is fun and effective. The sport brings a lot of variety and the training effects can be seen: More muscles, better endurance and especially strength building.


You still have questions? We'll answer them in our FAQ below.

What muscles are trained in boxing?

Boxing is the ideal total body workout. You work your arms, chest, shoulders and back with every punch.

How to learn boxing at home?

Learning boxing at home is hardly possible. You have neither a punching bag nor a trainer who shows you everything. You can shadow box, but you remain limited in your possibilities as far as training success is concerned.

Fitness boxing: what is the difference from classic boxing training?

In classic boxing you fight against someone. In the fitness variant, you punch against a punching bag. Both methods have advantages: In classic boxing, you train your reflexes and the evasive movements put additional strain on your abdominal and back muscles. With fitness boxing, however, you are not dependent on another person and can train completely alone.

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