The most important trends in the printed electronics sector at Messe München

Lopec: Printed electronics also important for sports brands

Lopec, the trade fair for printed electronics, brings one of the most exciting technologies of the future to Messe München. Lopec opened its doors from 14 to 15 March. The congress lasts one day longer, from 13 to 15 March.

Here, printed electronics are used in a T-shirt.

There are also many fields of application for printed electronics in the sports sector. For example, printed thermo, moisture or heart rate sensors can be used in sports textiles. Parts from printed electronics can also be used for wearables. At the Lopec (Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention) the complete value-added chain of this future-oriented technology will be presented. 

Visitors can meet researchers, developers and manufacturers of printed electronics products and make business contacts. The trade fair is thus aimed at all those who are interested in the technology and want to use it.

Lopec and the sports industry: that fits together

Exhibitors include BASF, Continental, DuPont, Siemens, the Leibniz Institute for New Materials and several Fraunhofer Institutes.

The accompanying congress offers 182 lectures on a wide range of topics such as business development, applications for end consumers, the use of printed light-emitting diodes and market potential. 

Last year, a number of sports companies took the opportunity to take a guided tour of the trade fair with a focus on the application area of sport.

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