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Outdoor Against Cancer Helps Cancer Patients With New Study

Outdoor activities and sports can help cancer patients and relatives in the fight against the disease. To provide even better support in the future, the EU-funded project named Outdoor Against Cancer is now preparing a new study.

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Petra Thaller (right) is the founder of Outdoor Against Cancer.

Outdoor and sports activities have a positive effect on the healing and regeneration process in cases of serious illnesses such as cancer. The Europe-wide project Outdoor Against Cancer (OAC) therefore supports cancer patients and their relatives with important know-how, courses, training programmes and preventive measures to ensure quality of life and well-being through exercise and sport outside.

Questionnaire for Better Support for Cancer Patients

In order to be able to help cancer patients even better in the long term, Outdoor Against Cancer wants to investigate different factors of physical and mental health with an anonymous questionnaire. The project runs within the framework of the EU-funded programm OAC-mygoal (Outdoor against Cancer: move yourself, go out and live).

The survey's goal is to understand the needs of cancer patients better as well as their social environment and to determine the effects of physical activity on health. It is intended to help support cancer patients in their cancer therapy with outdoor activities.

OAC supports the healing process with events and joint activities of cancer patients, relatives and interested outdoor enthusiastics.

Thus OAC invites in the context of the Sports Week 2020 in the following seven cities in Germany and Austria on 29 January, starting from 18 o'clock to the OAC NightHike: Munich, Heidelberg, Nideggen/Eifel, Duesseldorf, Erlangen, Bad Wiessee, Wuerzburg, Klagenfurt.

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