ISPO Munich 2019 - Preview of the Winter Sports Highlights

 Perfect conditions at this year's ISPO ON SNOW:. This makes ski spirits soar higher.ISPO Munich will begin in a few days but ON SNOW is already showcasing the innovations of tomorrow. 

One of these is a total lightweight among touring skis: the Carbon 120. Kjell Ellefson Marketing & Sales Manager, Moonlight Mountain Gear: "What is amazing about this ski, it is the lightest powder ski in the world. And what we created it for is ski touring during a powder day. So it is very light weight on the way up, easy on the legs but it is great to ski on the way down."

Off-piste or ON, all the new ski models deliver an amazing ski-run. In the Allrounder category, the Deacon 84 model from Völkl offers power transmission and perfect control.

The „Mindbender“ freeride ski model from K2 is based on a brand new technology which has won it an ISPO Award 2019.

Don't miss the annual event for the digitalization of the sports business! The ISPO Digitize Summit 2020 will take place in Munich on June 30, 2020.

Judith Steiner Marketing Coordinator Ski, K2: "We have woven carbon threads into the ski at very specific points so that at the tip it is densely woven and looser at the tail, which means you can drift really nicely on the turns."

Safety is the theme at ISPO Munich 2019, especially off-piste. The avalanche airbag is one of the most important tools here.

Philipp Müller Marketing Wintersports, Scott: "Looking at the current avalanche situation, everyone should have one."

The single use cartridge system is last year's snow. An electric power unit is the innovative solution.

Philipp Müller Marketing Wintersports, Scott: "With the electronic system it charges itself and is ready to use again after 20 minutes."

A back protector is an essential piece of standard equipment for winter sports athletes. The Soft Actifit model offers a particularly comfortable fit; it is light, flexible and breathable.

Thanks to impact technology, repeated falls and small cracks on Rossignol’s kids helmets are no sweat.

Katharina Seifert Senior PR-Consultant, Rossignol: "This kids ski helmet has a shape memory so that it returns to its original position even after light knocks."

And there are novelties in ski wear too; adaptable ski boots from Nordica for young skiiers with individual weight adjustments and non-slip soles for walking.

Even the most perfect skiing day can be ruined by cold hands. Goodbye to that thanks to the heated Black Diamond Solano gloves with an integrated LED switch.

Another Gold medal winner at the ISPO Awards is the Radar Helm von Head. It delivers a whole new design that aims to attract skiiers that wouldn’t normally wear a built-in visor helmet.

Maximilian Thurner Marketing International Snowboard and Protection, Head: "We are really looking forward to this year’s ISPO because we will be presenting our Gold winner to our customers. It’s a really important event in the year to showcase what we have for the next season and to have a look around."

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