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ISPO Digitize Summit: Ticker of Day 1

What does digitalization mean for the sporting goods industry and the sports business? This is what the ISPO Digitize Summit at the ICM at Messe München is all about. Renowned speakers from Adidas, FC Bayern, Amazon, the ANWR Group and Deutsche Telekom, among others, will give keynote speeches and workshops on what the digital world of tomorrow will look like. The team tickers live.

The ISPO Digitize Summit in Munich

The ISPO Digitize Summit celebrates its premiere this year and the diverse topics such as digital marketing, digital payment, e-commerce, the digitalization of the entire value chain from sporting goods production to sales to the end customer or digital matchmaking show how important the event is. More detailed information about the program can be found here. And if you can't be there, we'll provide you with the most important information here.

+++ Live music ends the summit day +++

The big party starts at 7 pm in the foyer of the ICM - the Jazzrausch Bigband, a group of 20 artists from Munich, just on tour with German rapper Fiva, is already playing in.

This also ends the ticker of an exciting first day of the ISPO Digitize Summit. See you tomorrow!

+++ A world champion enters the stage +++

Niklas Timmermann comes to the stage. He is an eSports expert and explains right at the beginning that there are 35 million gamers in Germany.

But much less eSports athletes: This is about professional playing. Timmermann himself was world champion in "Need for Speed".

Niklas Timmermann explains: "Show elements belong to eSports, which is inseparably linked". That's what the fans would want and demand. "The events can be summed up as huge entertainment events - with sports elements."

+++ Bayern builds IT for other clubs +++

FC Bayern has 80 million followers on 30 platforms. "We have built up editorial teams worldwide because we always try to create authentic content in all markets," says Stefan Mennerich.

With FC Bayern München Digitale & Media Lab, a subsidiary has now been founded, Media Director Stefan Mennerich as Managing Director. "We build the IT for other clubs, give them digital advice, develop the platforms technically, also for customers outside of sports."

Stefan Mennerich explains why FC Bayern 4.0 leaves the classic fields: "The FC Bayern brand is so big that we have to diversify it through digitisation. We will also act as an agency. This is the way we can continue to grow. The classic income from sponsorship and TV income will eventually be exhausted, and we will enter into further business fields."

After all social media platforms, FC Bayern is now tackling the topic of AR and VR, blockchain and drones. "I don't know what else is coming. But we'll work hard every day to do something new."

+++ Mennerich: We must never forget who we are +++

Mennerich shows GIFs by Ribéry and Thomas Müller (in leather pants). And explains: "We must always try to keep an eye on our roots. We need to reach people worldwide, but we need to protect our brand's DNA. We must never forget who we are and where we come from."

+++ FC Bayern relies on GIFs +++

FC Bayern has 600 million fans worldwide, says Stefan Mennerich: "Our website comes in eight languages, we have Facebook appearances in 12 languages - but the globally relevant language is also: that of the GIFs. "Here comes emotion."

+++ FC Bayern on stage +++

And now on the big stage: FC Bayern! Media Director Stefan Mennerich talks about communication and value creation in the global world - using the example of the record German football champion.

Media Director Stefan Mennerich of FC Bayern.

+++ Fitness and the digital world +++

CEO and founder of eGym Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer on stage! During training in New York he stated: "The gym doesn't work". And then he got to the bottom of why so few athletes succeed in the gym.

At that time, only real experts in the gym and people who trained with personal trainers had success. Unfortunately, only a fifth of the trainees belong to this group.

Roesch-Schlanderer sees the solution to this problem in the combination of trained trainers, apps and "intelligent machines": "Customers only have to specify their training goal, a strength test determines the training condition, in the app a training plan is created and trainers and power machines give feedback on the correct training execution.

This is, says the eGym founder, "the fastest way to the maximum training effect. Because customers don't want to think and still train highly effectively.

+++ Pabst: Supply chain control a problem +++

Dr. Oliver Pabst, CEO of Mammut and Jonas Wand of Foursource talk about the future of sourcing. And how digitization helps to support prediction, efficiency and decision making.

Dr. Oliver Pabst: "The big problem is that we hardly have control over about 50 percent of our supply chain". This lack of transparency has so far prevented us from reacting more quickly to market needs. Digitalization can change this, e.g. with the new sourcing platform Foursource, which brings together parship brands and suppliers worldwide.

+++ Günter Althaus on stage +++

Günter Althaus takes over the Main Stage. The CEO of the ANWR Group, in which around 5,500 European companies are organised, is not very familiar with the threat scenario of digitisation and warns against hasty conclusions. "The stationary trade is dying? I say be careful! The dead live longer!"

Günter Althaus, CEO of ANWR Group. 

+++ How sponsorship can be activated +++

How can sponsorship be activated optimally? On the initiative of Olaf Markhoff from the agency Sidelines, Nielsen Sports has devoted itself to this important question. Jens Falkenau presents the study "Sponsoring activation" at the ISPO Digitize Summit.

One finding: "Social commitment, the promotion of young people and the promotion of youth - and not prize draws - are the most important attributes of successful sponsorship for those surveyed," says Falkenau.

+++ The three lessons of the Facebook presentation +++

Nicole Buck from Facebook gives the auditorium three tips:

1) Use videos for the entire customer journey. Think big, think creative, but think as a team.

2) Messenger: Customers have a direct contact person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3) Use new technology. Always. Quick. This makes you tangible for your customers.

+++ How AR helps the industry and customers +++

Augment your World: Nicole Buck shows how companies can playfully act with their customers with AR. A shoe that can only be bought through AR; a messenger bot that makes new make-up products work directly on the customer's face; a dog filter that helps in the selection of the pet. "We're just at the beginning."

+++ Nicole Buck of Facebook on stage now +++

Nicole Buck, Client Partner E-Commerce/Retail DACH at Facebook, is now on stage. "Mobile is the new shop window" is her theory, which is the subject of her lecture.

Three hours a day we use our cell phones, Buck says. At the same time a big "but" from Buck: 90 percent of the purchases are still offline.

What are the consequences for retailers and brands, asks Buck. Because everything changes with Mobile:

1) Mobile makes everything faster, attention can be directly reflected in actions.

2) Communication between people and between people and companies has changed and will continue to change.

Video content will become increasingly important. On Facebook, you think of videos that are 15 seconds long. But there is a suitable video format for every purpose. Retailers and brands should pay attention to this - and always keep in mind that 70 percent of videos are seen "on the go".

Nicole Buck is Client Partner E-Commerce/Retail DACH at Facebook

+++ Amazon Pay enters the stage +++

After Scoble, Giulio Montemagno of Amazon Pay is now speaking on the big stage.

Giulio Montemagno of Amazon Pay on stage

+++ Scoble believes in sports sector +++

Robert Scoble concludes his keynote speech with a certainty: "Your industry will change the lives of many people in the coming years.

+++ Scoble believes in the future of VR +++

"VR will become the decisive thing because our children understand it immediately and deal with it intuitively," says tech guru Robert Scoble, "The digital world will rise from 2 billion people to 7 billion - because VR will also be possible in the poorest countries, since these glasses will hardly cost anything in the end.

+++ Scoble: "We're just at the beginning" +++

Robert Scoble, the very early adapter: "I have studied people and companies that have changed. I was the first blogger, one of the first at Instagram, one of the first Tesla testers and one of the first to sit in a self-driving Google car. I've seen the new technology everywhere - and I'm telling you: We're just at the beginning."

+++ Tech guru Robert Scoble is speaking +++

Now Robert Scoble, one of the most important digital and blog gurus, is talking on the big stage about consumers in 2020 and how to reach them.

Socble tells of the great achievements that can be accomplished by letting machines help you. He has already explained this in an interview with

+++ Tech Guru Robert Scoble speaks +++

Now Robert Scoble, one of the most important digital and blog gurus, is on the big stage. He talks about consumers in 2020 and how to reach them.

Robert Scoble on stage

+++ How to find digital talents +++

"In 2020, 30 percent of digital jobs in companies will remain unfilled because demand far exceeds supply," says Stéphane Janssoone of Sportyjob. However, in order to attract the best talent, companies must find new ways to discover and develop these talents - for example through the integration of social media. The salary level does not play the biggest role in being attractive as an employer.

+++ Asics stays sceptical about influencers +++

Asics marketing man Björn Hamacher is sceptical about influencers: "It's very tempting, but we won't jump on the bandwagon. We want to tackle it sustainably. Why should I invest in an influencer that does something for Under Armour afterwards, then for Nike and then for Adidas Running? We are about Brand Ambassadors. And about building a community that grows with us."

+++ Find the right influencer for the right target group +++

"The influencer is first and foremost an advisor," says Katja von der Burg in the Asics Frontrunner workshop. "Many people today are overwhelmed with the variety and choice of products. You're really happy when someone you know says, "Look at this product, it's good." Instagram, according to the head of the agency, is still "a bit of a safe world - there are no shitstorms here".

Katja von der Burg: "A good influencer campaign works if I can find the right influencer with the right target group. Take Felix Neureuther with the ABS airbags. Unfortunately, a lot of people are on the road with bullshit today, and that really sucks."

+++ How about Influencer Marketing? +++

Should brands rely on Influencer Marketing or Brand Ambassadors? Björn Hamacher, Vice President Marketing, and Katja von der Burg, CEO of the Influencer agency "Projecter" - she is Asics Front Runner and has an Instagram account with 13,000 followers: "I haven't made a single paid cooperation myself - I buy my shoes myself. But I get daily feedback that I inspire other runners to get their asses up."

Björn Hamacher and Katja von der Burg at the Asics Frontrunner Workshop about influencers

+++ Facebook speaker added to the schedule +++

For those who have not looked at the ISPO Digitize Summit schedule for a long time: The presentation "Innovating for the new reality - Connecting the world through new technologies" by Nicole Buck, Client Partner Transformational Retail and Fashion DACH at Facebook, was added to the schedule at relatively short notice.

It will take place today at 14:45 in the Main Auditorium.

+++ Hard judgement by Professor Karl Peter Fischer +++

Back to Professor Karl Peter Fischer and his workshop on the ISPO Digital Readiness Check. The Sporting goods business is crazy. Either it's pain-free or it doesn't care about the customer. Even in public administration, readiness values are higher," he makes a harsh judgement about the results.

+++ Controversial discussion at SAZ workshop +++

The workshop of SAZ and Internet World a controversial discussion is taking place: for Christian Grosse, CEO of Kickz, digital tools only help to a limited extent to obtain more relevant information about the customer.

His customers are too young and change greatly over the years. Marcus Trute of Keller Sports has found out which sports interest his customers the most. That's exactly what he put in your shop.

+++ Prof. Fischer presents results of the Digital Readiness Check +++

Professor Karl Peter Fischer presents the results of the ISPO Digital Readiness Check in room 2. "If you digitize your bullshit strategy, you get a bullshit digital strategy," he says.

Prof. Fischer at his presentation

+++ Time for some buzz +++

In room 12b Alexander Hoffmann, business owner of the hip training provider "Cook and Code", invites to a workshop called "Tech-Buzzwords-Roundhousekick".

What does that mean? This workshop provides a good overview of which buzzwords of digitalization are whirling around and what they are good for.

Alexander Hoffmann at his workshop

+++ The first workshops are on +++

The workshop of SAZ and Internet World starts now. The topic: Digitalization of sports retail. Participants are Keller Sports, Kickz, Loadbee and On any given Monday.

At the same time the following workshops take place:

  • Tech Buzzwords Roundhouse Kick - Cook and Code
  • Data protection in the wild - what DS-GMO means for future business - Bridging IT
  • Data Analysis and Digital Health Check (RPC)

+++ Next keynote started +++

"Always start with your product. Not in communication", recommends innovation expert Prof. Bernd Thomsen when it comes to digitalization.

In 2050, the average working time will be just three hours instead of an average of eight hours today, believes Futurologist Thomsen: "Time will be filled with social commitment and sport."

+++ Digitalization like a bicycle race +++

Jacqueline Smith-Dubendorfer makes it clear that Adidas wants to work with retailers and compares the digital transformation with a bicycle race. "Let's go to the head of the peloton together. "Only together can we win the race."

+++ Adboards help Adidas app +++

The 2018 World Cup in Russia is also extremely important for Adidas digitally. Roland Auschel shows how the downloads of the Adidas app increased significantly after it was advertised on the adboards for the first time. "We have learned that people interact with us."

+++ Roland Auschel at his Keynote +++

+++ Keynote of Adidas Sales Executive Roland Auschel +++

Presenter Gordon introduces the first keynote speakers: Roland Auschel, Sales Director at Adidas and Adidas Experience Manager Jacqueline Smith-Dubendorfer. Their lecture is called "Winning Digital together".

+++ ISPO Digitize helps companies +++

Then Klaus Dittrich turns to the auditorium: "With ISPO Digitize we want to support you on your way to digitalization. We want to help you, with our network, with strong partners."

How ISPO Digitize can do this? "Visions are important, they inspire and show what is possible. We show skills and tools, have workshops and one-to-one coaching. Absorb everything, take everything with you," says CEO Klaus Dittrich.

The Digital Readiness Check is a first aid in answering questions about where sports companies are in the process of digitization: "Join us in our Digital Readiness Check - it shows you where they are in the process of digitalization," says Klaus Dittrich.

At the end of his opening speech, the trade fair boss appealed to all companies and their CEOs: "Not thinking digitally is no longer an option."

Klaus Dittrich opens the ISPO Digitize Summit

+++ ISPO 365 days a year +++

"Digitalization is so natural, you always have it with you - on your smartphone," says Klaus Dittrich. "At Messe München we have been in this process of the digitized world for quite some time - 365 days a year, around the clock, all over the world. We have anchored this in our services, ISPO Open Innovation and"

+++ Klaus Dittrich opens ISPO Digitize Summit +++

Klaus Dittrich, CEO of Messe München, opened the first ISPO Digitize Summit: "I am very pleased to welcome you here at ISPO Digitize", said the fair CEO and then alluded to the German national team's World Cup team: "The German participants are a bit depressed, but we can learn something from it: not to be complacent, always wanting to learn - and tackling everything with passion".

+++ The ISPO Digitize Summit schedule +++

More than 60 speakers will be on stage and in contact with all participants during the keynotes, case studies and workshops. Here is the complete program of ISPO Digitize

+++ Prepare for the ISPO Digitize Summit +++

Welcome to the ISPO Digitize Summit. We will start the two-day event with an opening speech by Klaus Dittrich, CEO of Messe München, alongside Gordon Chris, CEO Irish Social Enterprise Network.

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