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Germany Ends General Travel Warning on 1 October

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The current general travel warning issued by the German Federal Foreign Office for some 160 countries will expire at the end of September. After that, travel warnings will be issued specificly for Covid-19 high risk areas.

Die pauschale Reisewarnung für rund 160 Länder gilt ab 1. Oktober nicht mehr.
The German general travel warning for around 160 countries will no longer apply from 1 October.

At present, a corona-related travel warning issued by the German Federal Foreign Office is valid for around 160 countries. All countries are affected, except EU members, Schengen associated countries and Great Britain. Unnecessary travels to the countries affected by the travel warning should be avoided.

According to a decision of the Federal Cabinet, this general travel warning will no longer apply as of October 1. Instead, a uniform system of travel warnings and notices will then be applied worldwide, based on the Covid-19 risks. This was decided by the Federal Cabinet on Wednesday.

These Rules Apply From 1 October

  • For countries that have been designated as risk areas, i.e. the vast majority of third countries - i.e. all countries outside the EU, the Schengen associated states and the United Kingdom - the travel warning for unnecessary, tourist travel continues to apply in principle.
  • For countries that are not designated as risk areas, it is not advisable to undertake unnecessary tourist travel, if entry restrictions to Germany apply to these countries or, conversely, these countries have adopted entry restrictions from Germany. The overall view of the situation in the respective country (e.g. equipment of the health system, previous handling of sources of infection) is also taken into account.
  • For all other countries: Travellers are asked to exercise special caution.

The decision about classifying a country as a risk area is made by the Robert Koch-Institute based on an examination of the infection figures and a qualitative assessment.

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